‘The Challenge’ Fans Call out Michele Fitzgerald and Her Messy Game on ‘Ride or Dies’ — ‘In Terms of Gameplay She Keeps Getting Worse’

The Challenge Season 38 has seen Michele Fitzgerald and teammate Jay Starrett make some questionable decisions, according to fans. The Survivor stars are being called out for their disappointing strategy — especially Michele for her messy game during Ride or Dies. As one viewer noted, “in terms of gameplay she keeps getting worse.”

The Challenge star Michele Fitzgerald attends "Survivor 41 The Return" Watch Party presented by Brice & Wen at Mustang Harry's on September 22, 2021 in New York City
‘The Challenge’ and ‘Survivor’ star Michele Fitzgerald | Rob Kim/Getty Images

Michele Fitzgerald and Jay Starrett don’t know how to use their power in ‘The Challenge’

Michele and Jay both have competition reality TV experience, and neither one is a Challenge rookie. So, fans are wondering why their gameplay has been so terrible in season 38. While it’s true that the Ride or Dies season has a setup that creates enemies for the team that wins the daily challenge, Michele and Jay haven’t figured out how to use that power to their advantage.

Their social politics in the house have been difficult to watch — especially when they have the responsibility of picking four teams for possible elimination. But, despite their lack of self-awareness and terrible social game, they are crushing the physical parts of The Challenge.

Fans call out Michele Fitzgerald’s messy game on ‘Ride or Dies’

Jay and Michele’s physical game has put them in the powerful position of choosing the four teams for possible elimination multiple times. But, Michele has a habit of making too many deals with other players. And, when she and Jay are working out their so-called strategy to make their decision, the teams they choose don’t make any sense for what they say they are trying to accomplish.

Not only do Michele’s decisions and gameplay shock and baffle many of her fellow competitors, but they also confuse fans. 

“Michele gets better every time she returns to reality TV. I liked her well enough in her first season of Survivor, LOVED her in her second season, and was thrilled to see her join The Challenge,” one fan recently wrote on Reddit. To which another replied, “It’s funny, in terms of gameplay she keeps getting worse, but entertainmentwise, yeah, she’s better every time.”

“She played better on WaW compared to her og season. I like her spunk on her first the challenge compared to now, where she’s trying to blend in with the vets and obv failing to do so,” a third fan shared.

Does the editing influence fans’ perception of gameplay on ‘The Challenge’?

As the Reddit discussion continued about Michele’s social game, fans commented about how much better it appeared to be on Survivor compared to The Challenge. She won the million dollars in season 32 Survivor: Kaoh Rong, and she also competed in season 40 Winners at War.

One fan wondered if the edits she received on Survivor made it appear that her gameplay was stronger than it actually was.


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“After watching Michelle on ride or dies, I am wondering if the Survivor editors gave her a stronger edit than what was played. I remember some of the jury interviews on Winners at War saying none of her plans came to fruition,” the fan wrote.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays on MTV.