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The Challenge: Total Madness is heating up with drama, and all eyes are on Zach Nichols and Jenna Compono. Compono and Nichols met on the show years ago, and they’ve been on and off for years. Now, the two are engaged, but viewers are getting an inside look into some of the toxic behaviors Nichols exhibits when he’s speaking to Compono — and they don’t approve.

Compono continues to defend her relationship with Nichols via social media. As for Nichols, he continues to post photos of him and Compono to Instagram — but fans think he’s just attempting to save face after his outburst on the air. Here’s what they’re saying.

Zach Nichols accused Jenna Compono of cheating on ‘The Challenge: Total Madness’

Compono has become a fan favorite on The Challenge, but she considered going home after her public fight with Nichols. In episode 6 of Total Madness, Nichols dodged Compono’s calls. And when he finally answered for a brief conversation, he told Compono he went back through her private messages and found old conversations between her and other men. The messages were from two years ago, and Compono maintained they were received when she and Nichols weren’t together.

Everything escalated during episode 7. Nichols accused Compono of cheating again, and he refused to hear her out when she tried to explain. He then issued her an ultimatum: Either she had to come home, or he was kicking her out of their home. This left Compono extremely upset, of course, and she considered giving up — but she ultimately decided to stay. And she won against Tori Deal in an elimination round to achieve her red skull and ticket to compete in the final.

Other ‘Challenge’ competitors are weighing in on the situation

Many of Compono’s fellow competitors have weighed in on the situation. Compono herself issued a statement claiming there are zero current issues between her and Nichols and the problems shown on the show were dealt with months ago. And veteran player Jordan Wiseley also commented on Compono’s Instagram post with, “Proud of you both,” which didn’t go over well with those who hate Nichols.

Wiseley aside, Kailah Casillas also spoke on Compono’s behalf. According to Real World star and Challenge competitor Thomas Buell, Compono and competitor Cory Wharton had relations at some point. But Casillas called that “fake news” that the conversation between Compono and Nichols had anything to do with Wharton. “Stop believing everything you hear,” she told her Twitter followers.

Fans think Nichols is trying to save face with fans


‘The Challenge’: Jenna Compono Posted Another Photo of Her and Zach Nichols to Instagram, and Fans Are Still Roasting Her

Despite all the ruckus, Nichols is still adding plenty of photos of him and Compono to his Instagram. On May 15, he posted a photo of him and Compono walking around outside with Compono smiling at the camera behind them. And on May 17, he added another photo of him and Compono next to each other with Compono looking at him lovingly.

Fans think he may be trying to prove something with the posts — and they’re not buying it. “The couples that try to ‘show off their love’ are always the ones struggling the most,” one follower commented on the photo from May 17.

“‘Let’s keep posting pictures of us so people will think we are in a good relationship! Even though before that awful episode aired I hardly ever posted us’ ……,” another sarcastically commented.

“We love the boyfriend of the year pics you’re posting,” yet another sarcastically wrote.

“Maybe you should take a hint from your comments and stop posting for a min…or better yet, publicly dismiss how you act on television and take responsibility,” a follower added.

We’re hoping we get an apology from Nichols at some point. And we’re rooting for Compono to continue playing the game to win the big bucks.

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