‘The Challenge’: Fessy Shafaat Reached Out to Amber Borzotra After ‘Double Agents’

MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents is over, and Amber Borzotra and CT Tamburello proved they had what it takes to win the big money. Prior to the final, Fessy Shafaat chose to ditch Amber and choose Kaycee Clark as his partner going into the final. This proved to be a bad move, though. And Amber later said Fessy reached out to her after the final.

Fessy Shafaat ditched Amber Borzotra prior to MTV’s ‘The Challenge: Double Agents’ finale

A close-up of Amber Borzotra from MTV's 'The Challenge' smiling at the camera while at a red carpet event
Amber Borzotra from MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ |

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Fessy is a major physical threat on MTV’s The Challenge, and he proved himself during the Double Agents season. Prior to the final, he was partnered with Amber — and unless he made a change, she would run the final with him. Fessy had other plans, though. He wanted Kaycee as his partner, as she’s a strong competitor who worked with him all season.

Kyle lost against Fessy in Hall Brawl after Fessy threw himself in. “Amber B. has definitely earned her stripes,” Fessy said right after his win. “You’re rookie of the year, in my book. But, Kaycee, get your bada** down here and give this final a shot.”

“I feel like I made the right decision,” Fessy told the camera. “I took the risk, took matters into my own hands, got what I wanted, and I could see the look on everybody else’s faces. They’re looking at me and Kaycee like we’re the favorites to win.”

Kam Williams didn’t seem intimidated by the new team, though. “To be honest, they deserve each other,” Kam said.

Amber said Fessy reached out to her after she won the final

Fessy turned out to be totally wrong about Amber B. While he assumed he and Kaycee would dominate the final, Kaycee hurt her knee early on. Then, when it came time for the eating portion of the final, he refused to partake, as he assumed they had no chance at winning anyway after the injury.

Amber went on to win the final with CT, of course. Not only did she dominate in the eating challenge, but she was the fastest runner of the group. She’s run marathons in the past, and CT said he had trouble keeping up with her swift pace.

While on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, Amber talked about the situation with Fessy and where they stand now:

“That’s the one thing that bothered me, I think, about Fessy, was right before the final, he was telling me, ‘I’ll run with you.’ Then, the next day, he’s throwing himself into an elimination, so it’s like … I don’t want to run a final with someone who doesn’t want it as bad as I do. … He did reach out to me, though, and it’s all love, really, he’s very happy for me. No bad blood, all love.”

Are Amber and Fessy joining ‘The Challenge’ Season 37 cast?

So, will we see Amber B. and Fessy in MTV’s The Challenge Season 37? MTV hasn’t made any official announcements regarding the next season so far, but spoiler accounts revealed who’s rumored to return. It looks like Fessy will certainly be back.

A Reddit thread containing Challenge spoilers noted Amber was put as an alternate this season. While she was reportedly originally cast, something changed along the way. We’re not sure what the exact situation is here, but it’s likely we won’t see her again on season 37. Perhaps we can look forward to seeing her compete on future seasons.

We’re looking forward to hearing more about season 37, including the theme and the full cast list. For now, we’ll tune in for the Double Agents reunion beginning April 28 at 8 p.m. on MTV.

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