‘The Challenge’: BTS Footage of Jordan and Tori’s Engagement Revealed in ‘Untold’

Veterans Tori Deal and Jordan Wiseley became the first couple to get engaged on the show when he proposed during 2019’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2. Although the pair didn’t last, unseen footage captured their special moment, which was shared in the docuseries The Challenge: Untold.

Tori Deal documented her relationship with Jordan Wiseley in ‘The Challenge: Untold’

The Challenge: Untold episode 5, which explored the various romances throughout the franchise history, kicked off with Jordan Wiseley’s proposal to Tori Deal.

She shared how they began their relationship, noting she entered her rookie season, Dirty 30, alongside then-boyfriend Derrick Henry. However, he got eliminated early, and she remained in the competition, where Jordan also made it pretty far.

According to Tori, she developed an attraction toward Jordan and broke up with Derrick when she received her phone after filming. The veteran claimed the two kissed at a Los Angeles-based pool party and then began dating.

They returned as mercenaries in season 31, which she credits for strengthening their relationship, and the couple moved in together. When they returned for War of the Worlds 2, castmate Leroy Garrett described them as “inseparable.”

Behind-the-scenes footage of Tori and Jordan’s engagement revealed

Co-executive producer Joe Guidry explained he received a notice that someone planned to propose shortly before the elimination where it happened.

Therefore, he orchestrated a plan with the camera operators, although they didn’t know when to expect the moment. Ultimately, it happened after Jordan defeated Theo Campbell in an elimination and before he revealed his choice to turncoat to Team UK.

The docuseries featured behind-the-scenes footage from the first-ever proposal during the show, including the camera operators setting up for it and the cast reactions afterward.

Additionally, it included a never-before-seen clip of Tori and Jordan hugging and telling each other they loved one another. She admitted she didn’t want to spend that night with the rest of the cast, and he joked that they had the remainder of their lives together.

Tori and Jordan have since broken up

Following the 2019 proposal, Jordan and Tori returned as a power couple for season 35’s Total Madness. While he stayed home for season 36’s Double Agents, she came back but was eliminated relatively early.

The couple then announced their separation in December 2020 after she finished filming. An episode of Double Agents featured castmate Fessy Shafaat’s attraction toward Tori, leading many fans to believe a relationship with the two might have resulted in the breakup. They added fuel to the fire by going on vacation to Turks and Caicos together.


‘The Challenge’: Tori Deal Admits She Handled Breakup ‘Poorly’ but Denies Cheating on Jordan Wiseley

In December 2021, alum Jemmye Carroll posted a video divulging details about Tori and Jordan’s relationship that she claimed he told her. The Real World star claimed Tori vacationed with Fessy while engaged and said Jordan found out about it through social media.

According to Tori, she and Jordan broke up in October, and she went on vacation with Fessy a week after they announced the split in December. He admitted to sharing information about his breakup with Jemmye but confirmed that Tori didn’t cheat on him. However, he did imply that her trip with Fessy ruined their chances of reconciliation. Tori and Jordan are competing in the current season of The Challenge, which marks the first season they’ve appeared in together since their split. The Challenge Season 38: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays on MTV.