‘The Challenge’: A Former Champ Reportedly Replaced With Aneesa Ferreira in ‘All Stars 1’

The Challenge champ and The Real World: New Orleans alum Julie Stoffer had a five-season run on the competition reality show before disappearing from the community. She claims she was supposed to make a “comeback” in spinoff All Stars but says veteran Aneesa Ferreira filled her spot at the last second.

Julie Stoffer, Dan Renzi and Jamie Murray standing next to each other at The Real World Reunion Tour
Julie Stoffer, Dan Renzi and Jamie Murray during The Real World Reunion Tour | J. Vespa/WireImage/Geetty Images

‘The Challenge’ champ Julie Stoffer reportedly replaced on ‘All Stars 1’ with Aneesa Ferreira

Shortly before The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans premiered on Paramount+, reality star Julie Stoffer appeared on episode 284 of The Challenge Mania podcast.

After filming The Gauntlet 2 in 2005, in which she made the finals, Stoffer admitted she left reality TV. She explained that the producers called her back for another season, but she didn’t want to return at the time partly due to past drama.

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When champ Mark Long contacted her for the first season of spinoff All Stars, 15 years after her last appearance, the Wisconsin native agreed.

According to Stoffer, she made the cast and had her plane ticket and contact ready. However, they reportedly switched her out at the last minute with veteran Aneesa Ferreira.

Stoffer said she had to choose between ‘The Real World Homecoming’ and ‘The Challenge’

The news “devastated” the reality star as she began working out and wanted to make her “come back.” She claimed the producers promised her a spot on the next season but then she received a call to film the third season of The Real World Homecoming.

As the filming conflicted, she had to choose one. Stoffer said she expressed her preference for The Challenge but reported the producers encouraged her to participate in the revival of her original show instead.

She hoped to compete in the third season, but a hurricane postponed filming for Homecoming instead, causing her to miss the upcoming All Stars 3 as well.

Stoffer admitted she’s “hungry” to return but isn’t sure if she’ll get another chance as Paramount+ hasn’t announced a renewal of the spinoff yet.

She has 1 win and 2 final appearances during her time on ‘The Challenge’

A few months after debuting on The Real World: New Orleans in 2000, Stoffer competed on Extreme Challenge. She won as part of The Real World team, earning a total of $19,333. The Wisconsin native returned two seasons later for Battle of the Sexes but became the first contestant voted off the series.

Stoffer had a better showing in The Inferno (2004) as she nearly made it to the finals and walked away with the $1,000 she won during a mission.

After falling to the same fate in The Inferno 2 (2005), she came back for the following season, The Gauntlet 2 (2005), which would become her last one to date. The reality star put forth an impressive performance as part of The Veterans team, but they fell short in the finals.

Even so, Stoffer walked away with $8,571 in prize money. Throughout her five-season run on the reality competition show, Stoffer has one win, two finals appearances, 28 daily wins, and two elimination losses. The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans premieres April 20, 2022, on Paramount+.

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