‘The Challenge’ Global Tournament Will Reportedly Feature ‘Winners’ From the MTV Flagship

The Challenge franchise is expanding once again, with a global tournament that will be a competition of past winners. The new version has tentatively been dubbed War of the Worlds, and it will be an original series for streamer Paramount+. The question is: who will be competing? 

According to internet spoiler accounts, The Challenge global tournament will feature a number of “winners” from the MTV flagship. But, their definition of the term is definitely up for debate.

Host TJ Lavin and 'The Challenge: USA' cast posing for cast picture
The cast of ‘The Challenge: USA’ with host T.J. Lavin | Laura Barisonzi/Paramount+

‘The Challenge’ global tournament will have competitors from a number of different countries

It should come as no surprise that a global tournament would have competitors from numerous countries. MTV announced in February 2022 that the War of the Worlds competition would feature players from the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Argentina. And all have previously competed on their country’s versions of The Challenge series.

These contestants will be battling it out for a cash prize and the first-ever title of Challenge World Champion. But are all of the players actually past Challenge winners? Not necessarily.

Contestants reportedly include ‘winners’ who haven’t actually won

The cast for The Challenge: War of the Worlds has yet to be announced. But the notorious Challenge spoiler account Gamer has been sharing inside info about the casting process on social media.

The account reported that filming is slated to begin in late October or early November. And players who haven’t actually won The Challenge are being considered for the global tournament. They also revealed that players from the new The Challenge: USA — who won their original series — have also been contacted.

“There have been finalists that have never won contacted (Ex: Kyle/Nany/Aneesa),” Gamer tweeted. “There have been challengers that have won their OG show but never made a final contacted (EX: Josh/Natalie A/Tyson).”

Despite the goal of featuring past winners, it looks like fans can expect to see the same group of American competitors that are cast every season on the MTV flagship. But, they are never threats to actually win the game. 

It’s also extremely likely that the tournament will see a few Challenge newcomers who won either Big Brother or Survivor. As for the international cast members, that list remains to be seen.

‘The Challenge’ is everywhere in 2022

The original MTV flagship has been on the air since the late 1990s. But in 2022, the franchise has exploded with different versions all over the globe, plus numerous spinoffs in the United States on different networks and streamers. 

One of those new versions is The Challenge: USA, which is airing on CBS. This iteration features a cast of 28 reality stars from Paramount Global shows Survivor, Big Brother, Amazing Race, and Love Island who are Challenge first-timers.

The rules are a bit different, but TJ Lavin is the host and they are competing for a $500,000 prize. And, fans can expect to see at least one of The Challenge: USA cast members to compete in The Challenge: War of the Worlds

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesday nights on CBS

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