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[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for spinoff The Challenge’s Global Tournament, including the cast and winners.]

The Challenge spinoff Global Tournament, as its currently being called, has concluded filming. Initially presented as a season that would only feature the winners from The Challenge: USA, Argentina, Australia, and United Kingdom, many competitors from the shows and MTV flagship series competed in the series. Spoiler accounts have released the cast members and which pair won the season.

‘The Challenge’ Global Tournament finished filming and is presented by all the hosts of the spinoffs

According to the known spoiler account PinkRose, filming for The Challenge: Global began October 17 in Cape Town, South Africa.

It appears as though the spinoff is hosted by all the presenters of The Challenge: USA (TJ Lavin), The Challenge: Argentina (Marley), The Challenge: Australia (Brihony Dawson), and The Challenge: UK (Mark Wright) as pictures have surfaced of the crew online. Viewers can expect to see the following players on The Challenge: Global.

MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ competitors

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio (7 wins)

Darrell Taylor (4 wins)

Jordan Wiseley (3 wins)

Weston Bergmann (3 wins)

Jodi Weatherton (2 wins)

Yes Duffy (2 wins)

Jonna Mannion (2 wins)

Amber Borzotra (1 win)

Kaycee Clark (1 win)

Tori Deal (3-time finalist)

Kellyanne Judd (3-time finalist, including spinoff All Stars)

Nelson Thomas (2-time finalist)

Theo Campbell (War of the Worlds finalist)

Nia Moore (All Stars 3 finalist)

Cast members from ‘The Challenge: USA’

Danny McCray (1 win)

Sarah Lacina (1 win)

Ben Driebergen (1-time finalist)

Justine Ndiba (1-time finalist)

Players from ‘The Challenge: Argentina’

Benjamin Alfonso

Claudia Albertario

Rodrigo Cascon

Sofia Jujuy Jimenez

‘The Challenge: Australia’ competitors

Emily Seebohm

Grant Crapp

Kiki Morris

Troy Cullen

Cast members from ‘The Challenge UK’

Kaz Crossley

Nathan Henry

Tristan Phipps

Zara Zoffany

‘The Challenge’ Global Tournament features three disqualifications

For the season, the players will compete in pairs. It’s unclear how they were chosen, but starting teams reportedly included Darrell and Kiki, Theo and Sarah, Nelson and Sofia, Yes and Emily, Johnny and Justine, Wes and Zara, Jordan and Kaz, Jonna and Grant, Nia and Rodrigo, Jodi and Benjamin, Tori and Danny, Amber and Troy, Kellyanne and Tristan, and Kaycee and Ben.

Claudia and Nathan apparently didn’t have a partner. Reportedly, Nathan went home at some point due to a positive COVID-19 test, and Amber and Ben were disqualified for unknown reasons.

Jordan Wiseley and Kaz Crossley won ‘The Challenge’ Global Tournament

Kiki eliminated Claudia, KellyAnne and Tristan eliminated Sofia and Nelson, Jodi and Benjamin eliminated Nia and Rodrigo, and Jordan and Kaz eliminated Johnny and Justine.

Additionally, Zara, Wes, Jonna, Grant, Justine, Jodi, Benjamin, KellyAnne, Tristan, Kiki, Darrell, Emily, and Yes were eliminated.


‘The Challenge: Global’ Fan Favorites and Former Winners Already Eliminated From the Competition

As Kaycee’s partner Ben and Troy’s teammate Amber were disqualified, the two formed a duo.

They advanced to the finals alongside Jordan and Kaz, Tori and Danny, and Theo and Sarah. Jordan and Kaz won The Challenge’s Global Tournament. The Challenge 38: Ride or Dies is currently airing Wednesdays on MTV.