‘The Challenge’: What’s Happening with Kyle and CT? Next Week’s Sneak Peek Revealed

MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents is approaching the finale — but as host TJ Lavin shared, there’s plenty more game to play. In the preview for episode 16 airing on Wednesday, March 31, it looks like Kyle Christie and CT Tamburello might have to get creative to avoid getting sent into an elimination.

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers ahead for MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents]

Kyle Christie and CT Tamburello seemingly work together in episode preview

CT Tamburello from MTV's 'The Challenge' wearing a hat and sunglasses along with a 'Double Dare' shirt smiling
CT Tamburello from MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Mountain Dew

The competitors who outperform the rest on MTV’s The Challenge typically have strong alliances through their entire season, and fans are seeing that play out in Double Agents. The Big Brother alliance has stayed strong through the entire season, but it leaves a few players on the outs. Kyle Christie and CT Tamburello know they aren’t in on the dominating alliance as they approach the final.

Kyle and CT are both major threats to win the game, and they know they have targets on their backs. while CT’s won many seasons of The Challenge in the past, Kyle’s known for his sneaky, cutthroat behavior. But now, it looks like they might need to put their heads together going forward.

In the sneak preview for episode 16 of Double Agents, Kyle and CT look like they’re going to work together.

“Let’s start a little fight,” CT suggests to Kyle.

“We’ll start a little back and forth,” Kyle adds.

Unfortunately, the harmony looks short-lived. “Let’s be honest, no one can trust Kyle,” CT tells the camera. And they appear to have a disagreement somewhere down the line. It looks like Kyle might have a plan that CT doesn’t want to go along with.

“I have a confession,” CT tells Kyle. “I just don’t want to lie to you anymore.”

As for the rest of the house, they don’t trust the duo. “CT and Kyle, they just are both liars,” Kam Williams says.

Has Kyle ever won ‘The Challenge’?

Has Kyle ever pulled out a major win on MTV’s The Challenge? While he’s not the most physically fit of the pact, nor does he have the best social game, he typically manages to make it far. So far, he has yet to come in first place on The Challenge, but he has made it to a few finals. The Challenge Wiki notes he made it to the end of Vendettas and Total Madness.

If Kyle and CT do work together moving forward in Double Agents, it shouldn’t be too surprising. In 2019, Kyle talked to People about his adoration for the veteran player.

“I love CT,” he said. “What bad thing could I say about CT? The guy would eat me alive. No, he’s a great dude.” Kyle then added that he got “really close” with CT over his few seasons of The Challenge.

Who wins ‘The Challenge: Double Agents’?

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Do Kyle and CT manage to break up the Big Brother alliance and get to the end together? According to International Business Times, Kyle’s luck runs short. He doesn’t make it into the final at all, which means he likely is thrown into an elimination right before he can compete in the last challenge.

As for CT, he does make it to the end — but not with his beloved partner, Big T Fazakerley. While Big T recently got her gold skull, she ends up losing it right before the final. CT then reportedly runs the final with Amber Borzotra, and they come in first place.

We’re sure we’ll see Kyle again in future seasons. As for CT, we’re not so sure, as he mentioned in the past he was done with the game once he hit 40 years of age. But we’re hoping we see them both again soon.

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