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The Challenge star Darrell Taylor has competed in nine seasons of the flagship series before appearing in both seasons of the spinoff, All Stars. How many wins does he have throughout his 18-year stint with the franchise? 

Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio and Darrell Taylor training during The Challenge XXX: Ultimate Fan Experience
‘The Challenge’ champs, Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio and Darrell Taylor | Lars Niki/Getty Images

Darrell Taylor has won ‘The Challenge’ four times

After initially appearing on Road Rules: Campus Crawl (2002), Darrell Taylor joined the cast of competition spinoff, The Challenge for The Gauntlet (2003).

As a rookie on the Road Rules team, he competed in the final challenge without facing off in an elimination and won, taking home $25,555. The California native returned for The Inferno (2004), again as part of the Road Rules team. He won a daily mission with his team and avoided an elimination, earning an opportunity to compete for the cash in the finals. Darrell won, making a total of $33,500.

Following a season break, he returned for The Inferno 2 (2005) and managed to steer clear of elimination a third time to compete in the finals, winning again, this time $57,500.

After taking another season off, Darrell came back for Fresh Meat (2006), partnered with Aviv Melmed. They eliminated heavy hitters Derrick Kosinski and the late Diem Brown to advance to the finals, where he won his record-breaking fourth consecutive season, earning $126,500.

He has since failed to make the finals five times

After his fourth win, Darrell took off three years before returning for The Ruins (2009) as part of the Champions squad. He sent home tough competitors Danny Jameison and Cohutta Grindstaff, seemingly on his way to scoring a fifth win.

However, a physical altercation with Brad Fiorenza disqualified him from the competition. He returned for Fresh Meat 2 (2010) partnered with Cara Maria Sorbello, but the two were the first pair eliminated.

During Invasion of the Champions (2017), Darrell had a decent performance, sending home Zach Nichols and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio before CT Tamburello eliminated him shortly before the finals. After winning spinoff Champs vs. Pros (2017) alongside Cara Maria, earning $55,000 for charity March of Dimes, he was quickly sent home from Dirty 30 (2017).

The California native seemed primed to snag another win during Double Agents (2021) but lost in a last-minute elimination against Cory Wharton. The four-time champ has won $248,055 throughout his 18-year stint on the franchise.

Darrell currently competes on the spinoff, ‘The Challenge: All Stars’

Following his Double Agents appearance, Darrell competed in the spinoff featuring mainly OG players, All Stars. The 42-year-old started the season off strong by winning two of the first three daily missions.

Despite his impressive track record when competing in the finals, he nearly skated to the end by not having to face off in any eliminations.

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By the end of the multi-day final, Darrell had a lead on the others when competing in the last mission, traversing a mountain. However, Yes Duffy overtook him at the end, taking second place.

Darrell returned for season 2, again starting the season off strong by winning two out of the first four daily missions. His allies and relationships have kept him safe so far, even though others are beginning to worry about facing him in the finals. The Challenge: All Stars airs on Paramount+.