‘The Challenge’: Hunter Tells Fans to ‘Let It Go’ When Asked About His Drama With Ashley — All While Not Letting It Go

The Challenge: Final Reckoning aired back in 2018. But fans are still talking about one moment that’s turned out to be one of the most memorable in the MTV reality show’s history.

During the final, winner Ashley Mitchell opted to keep the $1 million prize all to herself instead of sharing it with her partner, Hunter Barfield.

Three years later, Hunter is telling fans they need to “let it go,” but he’s not really taking his own advice.

Nelson Thomas, Hunter Barfield and Tony Raines attend The Challenge XXX: Ultimate Fan Experience Q & A and Reception at The Roxy Hotel on July 17, 2017
‘The Challenge’ stars Nelson Thomas, Hunter Barfield, and Tony Raines | Lars Niki/Getty Images for MTV

Hunter and Ashley didn’t get along on ‘The Challenge’

During Final Reckoning, Hunter and Ashley competed together all season. But they didn’t get along at all. The duo had frequent outbursts between them. Hunter even went so far as to threaten the lives of Ashley’s family while talking with his friends. This didn’t go unnoticed.

When they came in first place at the finale, Ashley had earned more points than Hunter. This gave her the power to choose if she wanted to split the $1 million prize. Or, if she wanted to keep it all to herself. She chose to keep it.

“This guy has belittled me, put me down, slut-shamed me, and also threatened my life and my family’s life,” Ashley said. “I’m keeping the money. I would say I feel bad, but I don’t.”

Ashley thanked Hunter for making her rich

As soon as Ashley revealed her decision, Hunter exploded with anger. He screamed and cursed before promising Ashley he’d “pray” for her. She had no regrets, though.

When she returned the following season for Total Madness, Ashley received the “Rich B*tch” award. In her acceptance video posted to Instagram, she thanked Hunter by name.

“I just want to thank my mom for making me a b**ch,” Ashley joked on the video. “And I want to thank Hunter for making me rich.”

She told the camera that all she was trying to do was turn her money “into more money.” Ashley revealed that she had bought a house and a four-plex apartment. She also made it clear that there’s “never too much money,” and she’s “out here hustling.”

‘The Challenge’ star said he had ‘500,000 reasons’ not to talk to his teammate

Hunter saw Ashley’s “Rich B*tch” video on The Challenge Instagram page, and he wrote “At least I was thanked…” in the comments section. That sparked further discussion among fans, with one asking Hunter if that meant he would unblock her.

“I have 500,000 reasons not to,” Hunter replied.

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Ashley chimed in to the discussion, writing that “the haters can stay hating.” She explained that she was living her best life, taking care of her amazing family, and giving back to those in need.

“So keep on hating bc this post has more comments than any other award post,” Ashley wrote.

Hunter is now telling fans to ‘let it go’

Now that a few years have passed, it appears that some things have changed. On May 13, 2021, Ashley replied to a fan who called her decision in Final Reckoning “one of the most grimy (but karma filled) reality tv moments ever” when she “took $500,000 from that man.”

In response, Ashley wrote, “No I didn’t take 500,000 dollars from this man. I just didn’t give him 500,000 of my dollars.”

The next day, Hunter referenced that memorable moment before telling fans they need to “let it go.”

“I’m living my life being a Dad and I’m happy. You are living yours doing what you do. I’m tired of having to rehash this every time I get on Twitter. I hope you’re happy with ALL the money you have. My happiness is in my son I now have. Be happy and let it go, it’s in the past now.”

Has ‘The Challenge’ star really ‘let it go’ himself?

Despite telling fans to “let it go,” Hunter couldn’t stop himself from talking about it. When one fan commented that they would hold a grudge forever if someone took $500K from them, Hunter replied once again.

“I’ve always said take the money I don’t care. But nothing was won on her own…. don’t take the W away from me,” Hunter said.

He also told a fan that if he doesn’t eat the plates that he did, they don’t win. Hunter declared that “it’s not hard to see that.” When another fan pointed out that Ashley’s time beat Hunter’s – so in the end she beat him and did it “better” – he fired back once more.

“No it didn’t, how can you not understand that all other times meant nothing to our win. We didn’t win not one thing which was me Except the eating which I did… we don’t get the win which means another team does without the eating. We were far behind and my eating put us ahead,” Hunter wrote.

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