‘The Challenge’: Janelle Casanave Says She Might Not Return Due to Mishandlings During Final

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for The Challenge: All Stars 2 finale.]

The Challenge champ Janelle Casanave returned for spinoff All Stars 2 after last competing in 2008. Although she finished second, the Real World star admitted she might not come back again.

'The Challenge' star Janelle Casanave of Season 17 Key West smiling as she arrives at the Real World Awards Bash at Sunset Plaza House
‘The Challenge’ star Janelle Casanave | Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage/Getty Images

Janelle Casanave isn’t ‘sure’ she would return for another season of ‘The Challenge: All Stars’

Following a decade-long break, The Inferno 3 champ Janelle Casanave returned for The Challenge: All Stars 2, hoping for her second win.

Paired up with four-time champ Darrell Taylor for most of the competition, she hurt her back jumping into the water during a challenge. However, as one of the strongest teams remaining, they found themselves in an elimination right before the finals.

They pulled it out and continued to fight for the grand prize but ultimately finished second. Following the finale, Janelle answered a fan who wondered if she would return for another season on her Instagram Story. She admitted she isn’t “sure” due to production mishandlings toward the end that “never sat right with me.”

While the runner-up explained she enjoys the game and “respects” the producers who put everything together, she couldn’t help but take it hard when the lockbox containing the winning money didn’t open, although she had the correct combination. Therefore, The Inferno 3 doesn’t think she wants to “put herself in that situation again.”

She admitted she doesn’t think the final is ‘rigged’

Answering a follower who wondered if not winning “bummed” her out, Janelle explained believing she got the math problem incorrect for the past few months upset her more.

However, watching it back, the runner-up realized she correctly solved the equation and followed the instructions to open the safe. She also claimed she still doesn’t understand why their lockbox didn’t open.

Janelle ended her questions and answers by noting she has since accepted the results and is still “grateful” she competed this season.

After last competing in 2008, the Real World star explained that she enjoyed reuniting with her former co-stars. Acknowledging followers who believe it was “rigged,” she noted she disagreed but believes “things do go wrong.” 

MJ Garrett and Jonna Mannion also said they dealt with production mishandlings

Winners MJ Garrett and Jonna Mannion also claim producers mishandled things during the finals but still believe they earned their victory during an interview with EW. He claimed they solved the math problem and made it to their safe much faster than the other teams.

However, the safe didn’t open for the duo either. After producers confirmed they had the correct code but noticed it wouldn’t unlock, the winners claim they were told to run to the jet without the money. Jonna clarified, explaining this happened before any other team arrived at the safe.


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Once they were halfway to the plane, the All Stars 2 champ said a pickup truck pulled up next to them and took them back. When they returned, they noticed all the other teams who also had a hard time. Eventually, the duo opened it first, winning the competition.

Jonna admitted she wouldn’t have thought it was “fair” if another team opened it first and they were granted the victory due to the “amount of time that passed” after producers already told them they won. The Challenge: All Stars is available to stream on Paramount+.