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The Challenge: Total Madness is well underway, and we’re already getting a healthy dose of drama and hookups between contestants. The season started with a bang when it comes to Dee Nguyen’s relationship with Rogan O’Connor. O’Connor appeared to use Nguyen out of boredom on War of the Worlds II, but Nguyen still has serious feelings for him. And it’s leading to some nasty interactions on Total Madness.

Rookie Jay Starrett was also thrown into the relationship mess. Nguyen hit on Starrett to make O’Connor jealous on the show. Now, Nguyen and Starrett are engaging in a cringy war of words on Twitter. Here’s what’s happening.

Dee Nguyen got flirty with Jay Starrett despite still having feelings for Rogan O’Connor

At the beginning of Total Madness, O’Connor was getting flirty with contestant Jenn Lee. And this ignited a fire within Nguyen. She told Tori Deal that she and O’Connor were talking every day prior to the current season of the show, and she felt betrayed by O’Connor’s advances toward Lee. This ultimately led to Nguyen sending Lee into an elimination round against a stronger female competitor who sent Lee home.

The feuding between O’Connor and Nguyen didn’t stop there, though. Nguyen went one step further and started hitting on Jay Starrett. “I like having Jay around because he’s really cute and I get along with him, I enjoy flirting with him, and I enjoy making Rogan mad,” Nguyen said on the show.

This ultimately led to jealousy from O’Connor. And he was chomping at the bit to go into an elimination round with Starrett since then.

Nguyen is getting a lot of attention for her Twitter activity

While Nguyen is making a splash on Total Madness, she’s also causing a scene on social media. She’s posting a number of provocative photos to her Instagram, and she’s also not hesitating to post some eyebrow-raising tweets via Twitter.

One of her most shocking tweets occurred on April 29. “Spoiler alert: I am in love with Rogan and always have been. We may be with child we may not be,” she wrote.

Fans and fellow contestants alike have been roasting Nguyen on and off the show for how she’s treating her relationship with O’Connor. And they’re not hesitating to attack her again for her tweet.

“You lost me as a fan today! It’s disgusting to watch,” one of Nguyen’s followers commented.

Not only is she tweeting about O’Connor still, but she’s also recently come after Lee via Instagram. “Why won’t Jen just reply to my DMs? I just want to be friends. Rivals?” Nguyen commented on a deleted scene from the show that MTV posted.

She accused Starrett of blocking her on Twitter

Nguyen isn’t just talking about O’Connor on Twitter. She’s also mentioned Starrett. On April 29, she posted a photo of her and Starrett with the caption, “I’m sorry @Jay__Qs. Friends?” This is seemingly in response to Starrett getting thrown into an elimination round with O’Connor on Episode 5.

Then, on the same day, Nguyen tweeted about Starrett again. “@Jay__Qs⁩ call me. Let me make it up to you. I promise I’ll be different this time round,” she captioned another photo of the two of them together.

Finally, on April 30, Nguyen tweeted about Starrett once again. “I’m sorry. Someone tag him. I think he has me blocked :/,” she wrote.

To that, Starrett responded, “Lmao blocked you?! I don’t block anyone that’s a waste of my time to care that much lol. Let the character go Dee.” And fans are loving Starrett for his clap back.

“‘Character’ glad someone said it!!” a fan responded.

“Jay was right when he called the majority fake,” another wrote.

Is this it for the Nguyen and Starrett interactions via Twitter? We’re not sure. We’ll have to wait and see what else occurs as Total Madness continues!

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