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‘The Challenge’: Jemmye Caroll Reveals There Was Another Ketchup Incident Never Seen By Fans

All the way back on ‘The Challenge: Rivals II,’ fans learned that Jemmye Carroll has one of the strangest phobias ever – ketchup. And her former love Ryan Knight happily exposed her phobia while cameras were rolling. But there was another ketchup incident that fans never saw – and it almost caused Jemmye to quit the show.


  • ‘The Challenge’ star Jemmye Carroll’s strange ketchup phobia was exposed way back in 2013
  • Jemmye revealed that on ‘The Challenge: Dirty 30’ there was another ketchup incident that never aired
  • ‘The Challenge’ star has gone so far as to visit Dr. Oz about her ketchup phobia
The Challenge star Jemmye Carroll attends MTV's "The Challenge: Rivals II" Final Episode and Reunion Party at Chelsea Studio "B" on September 25, 2013 in New York City
Jemmye Carroll from MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ | Paul Zimmerman/WireImage

The Challenge fans witnessed Jemmye Carroll’s strange ketchup phobia during Rivals II way back in 2013. They saw Jemmye lose it when fellow contestant and former boyfriend Ryan Knight from The Real World: New Orleans went after her with a bottle of ketchup before she told the cameras that ketchup was “legitimately” her biggest fear.

What fans might not know is that there was another ketchup incident in a later season that Jemmye was involved in, but the footage was left on the cutting room floor.

‘The Challenge’ ketchup incident happened for a reason

During Rivals II, Jemmye made it clear that ketchup was her biggest fear. And her ex-boyfriend Knight used this bit of knowledge to keep her away from him.

“Jemmye has a very odd fear of ketchup,” Knight told MTV cameras. “I’ve messed around with her before and just, like, put it in her face. And she absolutely freaked out. One thing I can do to get her away from me without hurting her is to put ketchup on her.”

Jemmye Carroll thinks Ryan Knight attacked her with ketchup because she rejected him

After Knight attacked Jemmye with the ketchup, she started screaming and crying about her phobia. In his defense, Jemmye did start the incident by throwing a soda at him. So, he had no regrets about retaliating with Jemmye’s least favorite condiment.

Jemmye then accused Knight of throwing ketchup on her because she rejected “his lame a**.” But this simply made him laugh, and he replied by calling her a drunk.

“I think it’s obvious that Knight’s doing this because he still cares about me,” Jemmye said during her confessional. “And with him, any reaction — even a negative reaction — is better than being ignored.”

There was another ketchup incident on ‘The Challenge’ that fans never saw

A few years later — when Jemmye was competing on The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 — she was involved in another ketchup incident that fans never saw. 

According to an insider at, Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, CT Tamburello, and Jordan Wisely were all involved in the prank. And, the source claims that Jemmye almost quit the show that season because of it.

“On Dirty 30, Jemmye almost quit after a prank gone wrong,” the insider dished. “A couple of boys (Bananas was involved… surprising… Jordan and CT too, allegedly) threw a ball covered in ketchup at her. Of course, Jemmye freaked out and was angry that this was allowed. She almost walked from the show, but once she calmed down she returned to competition.”

Jemmye Carroll had a ‘full breakdown’ after the unaired ketchup prank

According to an episode of The Challenge Mania podcast, Jemmye had a “full breakdown” because of the ketchup prank. And, at one point, Veronica Portillo had to go into the pool while fully clothed to console her.

When Jemmye visited Dr. Oz on his TV show after the first ketchup incident on Rivals II, she talked about her unique food phobia. She explained that she hates the texture and the smell, and she’s afraid to even touch the bottle.

Jemmye also revealed to Dr. Oz that her friends enjoy taunting her with ketchup, even though they know it’s her biggest fear. And he told her that her problems with the condiment could stem from issues with honesty and trust.


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He advised The Challenge star to reframe her opinion of ketchup in order to conquer her fear. Dr. Oz also recommended that Jemmye take steps to recover from her phobia by getting counseling from a therapist.

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