‘The Challenge’: Jenna Compono Allegedly Hooked up With Tony Raines on ‘Dirty 30’

The Challenge stars Amanda Garcia and Jenna Compono haven’t seen eye to eye for the majority of their time on the MTV series, mainly due to rumors Amanda spread that almost jeopardized Jenna’s relationship with Zach Nichols. The Are You the One star and the couple recently got into a Twitter fight where Amanda implied that Jenna hooked up with Tony Raines during Dirty 30.

[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information from The Challenge 35 Episode 9.]

The Challenge Tony Raines
Nelson Thomas, Hunter Barfield and Tony Raines | Lars Niki

Jenna Compono and Tony Raines partnered on ‘Dirty 30’

In Dirty 30 (2018), returning finalist, Jenna Compono promptly eliminated Amanda Garcia after the first challenge due to their drama from the prior season.

In Invasions of the Champions, the Colorado-native started a rumor that Jenna hooked up with castmate Bruno Bettencourt to ruffle her reconciliation with Zach Nichols.


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After losing an elimination round a few weeks later, Jenna and Tony Raines joined Amanda and the other ousted players in the Redemption House. Jenna and Amanda came face to face at the following Redemption challenge, where the Barbie Beast took the win and re-entered the house.

Tony also won his and received another shot at the prize alongside Jenna. However, they both lost the final challenge, barely missing the finals.

Amanda Garcia reignited old beef with Jenna Compono on Twitter

In a May 29th tweet, the official MTV account posted a video detailing Amanda and Jenna’s seasons-long drama. The recent mother responded with a “finger b**g” hashtag and claimed, “Some people will never like you because your truth exposes their fake a*s life.”

Jenna saw the tweet and claimed she didn’t understand Amanda’s “need to entertain this” and The Challenge star’s “obsession.” The Barbie Beast also noted she’s blocked her co-star and “moved on.”

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Amanda responded and asked if “baptisms erase Bumble apps,” throwing a shot at Zach who has an upcoming baptism and allegedly created an account on the dating platform while dating Jenna.

She also wondered if baptisms “erase the memory of giving up half a million dollars for a ‘best friend’ that banged your b***h behind your back.” While many followers didn’t understand the context of Amanda’s tweet, several long-standing fans and insiders did and explained. 

Amanda Garcia claims Jenna Compono hooked up with Tony Raines

After Dirty 30, Amanda bragged about knowing something that happened in the house and promised she would spill it at the reunion. However, once host Mike “The Miz” Mizanin put her on the spot, Amanda backed out and decided to stay quiet.

According to a few Challenge sources, the Colorado-native was going to drop the bomb that Jenna and Tony allegedly hooked up after they were eliminated in Dirty 30.

Apparently, Hunter Barfield personally saw the encounter and told Amanda. The recent mother chose not to spill the beans at the reunion as planned because Tony proposed to his now-wife, and she didn’t want to “ruin the moment.”

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The beginning part of her tweet relates to Final Reckoning, two seasons after Dirty 30, when Zach, partnered with Amanda at the time, refused to vote in Tony.

Therefore, the two went into elimination themselves and were sent home. So far, neither Jenna or Tony have explicitly confirmed the rumors, and it doesn’t look likely as the two are currently both in public relationships.

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