‘The Challenge’: Jenna Compono Confirmed Nany González Will Be in Her Wedding to Zach Nichols

It’s hard to believe some fans have been watching MTV’s The Challenge for over two decades. And it’s even harder to imagine that some of the most well-known contestants have been playing the game for years, too.

We’ve watched Zach Nichols go for the big prize money on multiple Challenge seasons. And while he’s found love with fellow contestant Jenna Compono, their relationship went through tough times. Now, the two worked out their differences and are getting ready to tie the knot. And it looks like some notable Challenge stars will be there.

Compono recently revealed on her Instagram that contestant Nany González is set to be in the wedding. Here’s what she said.

Jenna Compono found meaningful friendship with Nany González

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Viewers got their first glimpse of Jenna Compono when she was on Real World: Ex-Plosion. We know her boyfriend at the time wasn’t faithful to her, and we watched Compono experience plenty of heartbreak on the small screen. But she didn’t let that stop her from carrying on, as her likability then got her cast on The Challenge.

Compono doesn’t come with much drama, as she’s interested in playing the game with integrity more than getting involved in unnecessary confrontation. And her personality jibed particularly well with González, who’s also known for being straightforward and real. Now, the two are best friends and have maintained a strong friendship throughout multiple seasons of the show.

“I really lucked out with my rookie season, I roomed with a bunch of nice girls, and that’s when I met Nany!” Compono told Sarah Scoop. “I talk to her every single day, and we are just so much alike. She is definitely one of my best friends for life. That girl has been with me through thick and thin and helped me with a lot of life situations.”

Compono is marrying Zach Nichols despite a rocky past

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Merry Christmas !

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Those who’ve kept up with The Challenge know Nichols and Compono haven’t always had a healthy relationship. Back in 2016, Compono competed on Rivals III, and People reminds us she felt like Nichols was acting strange and distant. Then, when she used a rare phone call to give him a ring, he called her by the name “Brooke,” which alluded he was cheating.

Many fans haven’t forgiven Nichols for this egregious error. But Compono stuck by his side. And now, the two lovebirds seem to have a very sweet relationship that’s much healthier than it was once.

On Dec. 21, 2019, Nichols got down on one knee and asked for Compono’s hand in marriage, too. E! News reports they took a trip to Rockefeller Center in New York City to see the giant Christmas tree, and that’s when the magic happened.

“We went to see the tree every year since we met and a lot of memories have happened in New York City. I was so surprised and it was so sincere and sweet. I couldn’t be happier,” Compono said.

González will stand in the wedding

We’re excited to hear more details about Compono’s future wedding to Nichols. And we’re betting a number of Challenge stars will be invited to the event if they’re planning a large party. One thing’s for sure: González has her spot reserved in the wedding party.

On Jan. 26, Compono posted a photo of her and González having a blast on the beach. And she included a sweet happy birthday message.

“I would write you a whole long thing about great you are and all our good times, but let’s be real you aren’t going to read this if it’s more than 2 sentences,” Compono wrote. She then added, “love you to death even though we drive each other crazy sometimes… can’t wait to see you and have you stand in my wedding.”

On Jan. 30, González added a photo of her with Compono in the same beach location and mentioned the wedding, too. “I can’t wait to stand in your wedding and cry like a little baby when I see you walk down the aisle,” González wrote

We’re loving this unbreakable bond between these ladies, and we can’t wait for wedding updates from both of them! As for Nichols, we’ll have to see if he invites any of his Challenge friends to stand on the groom’s side.

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