‘The Challenge’: Jenna Compono Doesn’t Want to Watch Back the Footage of Her and Zach Nichols Fighting

Jenna Compono is a fan favorite on The Challenge, and she’s back to try and win the $1 million grand prize in Total Madness. She continues to prove she’s a strong physical player — but her home life started to wear on her mentally. In episode 6, viewers saw her now-fiancé, Zach Nichols, accuse her of cheating after searching through her old social media messages. And he then demanded she come home or they were completely done.

Compono didn’t want to give up her chance at the big money, as she knew it could change both of their lives. She decided to stay, and she ultimately won a red skull thanks to her decision. But now, it seems she doesn’t want to watch the mayhem back as it airs.

Zach Nichols demanded Jenna Compono come home from ‘The Challenge’ after accusing her of cheating’

Nichols and Compono have had a rocky relationship for years. While the two are now engaged, they still fought in a war of words on Total Madness. And it was Nichols who was totally out of line with Compono.

Compono called Nichols on episode 6, but he seemed to be dodging her calls. Finally, after getting through to him, Nichols admitted he found old texts between Compono and other men. This prompted him to accuse Compono of cheating, though she maintained those messages were sent when she and Nichols were on a break.

It all escalated again in episode 7. Nichols demanded Compono leave the show or else he’d kick her out of their home.

“It really sucks getting an ultimatum from someone you love but, honestly, I don’t know what to do,” Compono told the cameras.

Compono has had to defend herself against serious fan backlash

Jenna Compono attends 'The Challenge XXX': Ultimate Fan Experience
Jenna Compono attends ‘The Challenge XXX’: Ultimate Fan Experience | Lars Niki/Getty Images for MTV

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The way Nichols spoke to Compono was completely inappropriate, and we’re glad she decided to stay in the competition and earn her red skull despite the mess going on at home. But now that the couple’s still together and prepping for a wedding, Compono is facing backlash, as fans would love if she dumped Nichols once and for all.

Nichols even released a statement defending herself and her relationship on Twitter.

“We all have a past, we all make mistakes it takes a strong couple to move on and get past it,” she wrote on Twitter. “Was this a stupid argument? Yes. Did we both overreact and could it have been handled differently? Yes. But we were stressed we couldn’t figure out the issue and had to wait each week to talk to each other to continue the convo.”

She tweeted that she doesn’t want to watch the episode of the fighting

As long as Nichols and Compono are together, Compono is likely going to have to hear about how much fans dislike her partner. And it looks like she’s also still affected by the scenes of her and Nichols fighting that MTV taped and included in Total Madness. On May 13, the day episode 7 aired, Compono tweeted, “Im gonna sit this episode out lol….”

Compono should be proud of herself in episode 7, as it’s when she decided to stay in the competition and earn a red skull for herself to have a renewed purpose in the game. Instead, it’s assuredly marred by the fighting. And her fans still hope she leaves Nichols behind.

“I hope it’s just poor producing on MTVs part, but if that is really how the relationship is y’all need counseling and boundaries,” one fan commented on the tweet.

“I notice Zach has not commented on your season so far. Does he know how ridiculous he sounded by giving you that ultimatum?” another wrote. “He looks so bad and he is not even a part of the cast. He is lucky to still have you!”

We’re hoping Nichols and Compono’s relationship is much healthier now than what was shown on The Challenge.

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