‘The Challenge’: Jenna Compono Said Zach Nichols Will Be Back on the Show

Those who watched The Challenge: Total Madness know all about Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols’s saga. The couple met on the show and are now engaged — but they’ve had plenty of public fights while competing. And on Total Madness, Nichols threatened to throw Compono’s things out of their home if she didn’t ditch the competition and come home to resolve cheating allegations.

Now, Compono’s saying she likely won’t have time for The Challenge in the immediate future. But Nichols might be back. Here’s what she had to say.

Zach Nichols came under fire after his fight with Jenna Compono on ‘The Challenge: Total Madness’

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Compono competed for $500,000 on Total Madness while Nichols stayed at home. Unfortunately, while Compono was away, Nichols went through her direct messages — and he saw a few between her and other men from years ago he didn’t like.

When Compono and Nichols finally talked about the messages, it escalated quickly. And Nichols gave Compono an ultimatum. Either she was to leave the show to settle things with Nichols in person, or he was kicking her out of their home.

The entire interaction totally threw Compono for a loop. And while she went into an elimination round and won against Tori Deal, she went into another elimination round soon after and lost. In the end, she stayed with Nichols — but fans were begging her to leave after everything they saw on the show.

As for Nichols, he doesn’t regret anything from the interaction. During the virtual reunion show, he said he stood “by his decision” to react the way he did.

Compono said she will no longer have time to compete on the show

Jenna Compono attends 'The Challenge XXX': Ultimate Fan Experience
Jenna Compono attends ‘The Challenge XXX’: Ultimate Fan Experience | Lars Niki/Getty Images for MTV

Total Madness was a tough season for Compono. While many of her fans thought she had a ton of potential to make it to the end, she couldn’t pull through. And it looks like we shouldn’t expect her on too many seasons in the future, either.

Compono is currently working on her wedding with Nichols. And right after she gets married, she wants to start having kids. She mentioned on the Challenge Mania podcast that she’d love to have between six and eight kids, too. For this reason, she might have to sit future seasons of The Challenge out.

“Right now all I’m really worrying about is the wedding because that’s in February and nothing is open, so I’m starting to freak out,” Compono explained to Entertainment Weekly. “Our engagement party got pushed to August. So that sucks too.”

Nichols might be back on ‘The Challenge,’ according to Compono

Compono told the Challenge Mania podcast that she’s definitely sitting out seasons of The Challenge for the foreseeable future. But such might not be the case for Nichols.

“We denied the next season. We are not going to be on it,” Compono confirmed regarding season 36 to the podcast. “There’s too many things to do with the wedding and whatnot.” Compono then added that she plans on getting pregnant right after her wedding, so fans won’t be seeing her on the show.

“I’m sure he’ll be back,” Compono added regarding Nichols and the show. “As much as he’s back and forth a bit. The money’s so good. He has actually a chance of winning, so. I’m sure he’ll be back. And then possibly me down the line.”

Compono confirmed Nichols won’t be on season 36. But perhaps we should expect to see him on future seasons. Only time will tell.

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