‘The Challenge’: Jisela Delgado Calls Aneesa Ferreira a ‘Fake Friend’ for Not Being ‘Honest’

Close friends Jisela Delgado and Aneesa Ferreira seemingly fell out during The Challenge: All-Stars. Aneesa voted against Jisela’s wishes, leading her to believe the veteran betrayed her. Following the May 13 episode, the three-time competitor called Aneesa a “fake friend” and explained why she ended their friendship.

Diem Brown, Paula Meronek, Aneesa Ferreira, Jemmye Carroll, and Jonny Moseley
(L-R) TV personalities Diem Brown, Paula Meronek, Aneesa Ferreira, Jemmye Carroll, and Jonny Moseley appear on MTV’s “The Challenge: Rivals II” final episode and reunion party | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Jisela Delgado and Aneesa Ferreira were friends before ‘The Challenge: All Stars’

Following a 15-year break, three-time competitor Jisela Delgado returned for spinoff All-Stars and proved she came to compete during the first mission.

While several competitors struggled to dive into the ocean to retrieve a puzzle piece, Jisela helped her team begin the competition with a win. She met two-time finalist Aneesa Ferreira, who participated and barely missed the finals in the most recent season of The Challenge during Aneesa’s debut in Battle of the Sexes (2002).

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The ladies instantly clicked, competing in the next two seasons together, and have grown into good friends over the years. During the May 13 episode, Jisela explained the two are so close that Aneesa knows her children. When the ladies returned for All-Stars, they aligned while playing their own social games.

They also went against each other during the daily mission that required them to jump over several beams attached to the side of a moving semi-truck to dunk a ball. However, Jisela couldn’t figure it out, and only advanced past a few beams, landing her in the Arena.

Aneesa voted against Jisela’s wishes

Due to the elimination partner twist, she had to compete alongside Eric “Big Easy” Banks, who placed last for the men.

The three-time competitor voiced her desire for the House to throw in someone who hadn’t performed in an elimination yet, such as Yes Duffy or Darrell Taylor.

She felt they should have to compete against other “newbies,” considering it “fair.” During the deliberations, Aneesa shared Jisela’s wishes, but others disagreed. Yes explained he doesn’t have decade-long alliances and makes personal connections with others every day.

The final vote between him and Nehemiah Clark came down to Aneesa, and she chose the latter, moved by Yes’s speech. Her decision upset Jisela, who declared the two no longer friends.

Jisela called Aneesa a ‘fake friend’ following the episode

As the competitors let loose with a few drinks, the three-time competitor explained she felt the veteran played a “grimy game” by pretending to become friends only to flip and vote a different way. She then began telling others she believed Nehemiah would pick Aneesa for elimination, potentially crushing her dreams of seeing a final again.

Jisela also told the 14-time competitor she didn’t consider them friends anymore and accused Aneesa of betraying her and “burning” people. However, The Duel 2 finalist noted in a confessional that she returned for another season to win, not to “coddle a grown woman.”

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Ultimately, Nehemiah picked Kendal Sheppard, but Jisela and Big Easy pulled out the win, advancing to the finals. Following the episode, the three-time competitor called Aneesa a “fake friend” and explained she didn’t understand why the veteran didn’t initially voice she wouldn’t vote in Yes.

The Road Rules star also noted in a response that she didn’t consider it healthy to remain in friendships that didn’t “feel right” to her. Additionally, Jisela told a follower she felt Aneesa “lost her way” while trying to win after 15 years. Nevertheless, both ladies are headed to the finals. The Challenge: All-Stars airs Thursdays on Paramount+.