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Many viewers have asked for three-time champ Jordan Wiseley’s removal from The Challenge due to his history of racism and ableism. Alum Amo Elizabeth, who Jordan eliminated on Dirty 30, has also accused him of transphobia.

Amo Hall accused Jordan Wiseley of transphobia during ‘The Challenge 30’

The Real World star Amo Elizabeth, who previously competed on The Challenge as Ammo Hall, discussed their experience on Dirty 30, notably the decision to pull themselves from the game due to a panic attack.

In a June 2020 interview with Mike Lewis, the New York-based reality star explained they had fought with three-time champ Jordan Wiseley throughout the season due to him comparing Jemmye Carroll’s looks to someone who has Down syndrome and Jordan’s “deplorable” past in which he yelled racial epithets at Nia Moore during The Real World: Portland.

Additionally, Amo accused Jordan of making transphobic comments to them.

Although the Go Big or Go Home star noted they had since “made amends,” Amo still feels it doesn’t dismiss his previous remarks.

Amo accused Jordan of a hate crime and producers of condoning it

Regarding the elimination event, the MTV star noted it was a wrestling-type challenge which they exceeded due to their background as a high school wrestler.

After Amo won the first three rounds, they believe Jordan felt insecure in his manhood because he was losing to a trans person and began “beating the s***” out of the reality star.

According to the Dirty 30 rookie, Jordan dragged them through the sand and claimed they suffered injuries, including a bleeding scalp, as a result. Additionally, Amo described themselves as “battered” following the elimination round.

Therefore, the Go Big or Go Home alum refused to return to the competition after feeling like they suffered a mental and physical breakdown. Amo claimed they felt Jordan committed a hate crime against them and accused producers of condoning his actions by setting up a wrestling-type elimination round between the two after they knew about the comments.

Amo made their debut on ‘The Real World’

In 2016, then 23-year-old Amo made their reality TV debut on Real World: Go Big or Go Home. They recently officially removed themselves from the LDS Church and dropped out of LDS-centered Brigham Young University to move to New York, where they discovered their identity.

After initially identifying as male as part of the Real World cast, Amo came out as nonbinary when they competed on The Challenge: Dirty 30 as Ammo Hall.


‘The Challenge’ Fans Want Jordan Wiseley Fired Next for Past Racially Insensitive Comments

The MTV star competed well, winning an elimination against Tony Raines. However, they faced Jordan a few episodes later. For the challenge, the two had to pull patches off each other’s bodies, with the first to remove it winning a point. Using the best-of-9 format, Jordan won.

However, the New York native needed medical attention after the round and informed viewers of the end of their game due to an injury. It was later revealed that Amo went home after having a panic attack, and they haven’t returned for another season. The Challenge airs Wednesdays on MTV.