‘The Challenge’: Josh Martinez Claims the Show ‘Stretched out’ His Elimination Performance

The Challenge star Josh Martinez won his first elimination after losing three in a row during season 36. Several of his co-stars and host T.J. Lavin laughed at him during his performance because he struggled to throw the medicine balls. However, the 26-year-old claimed his elimination didn’t last as long as the edit implied.

Houseguest Josh Martinez to compete on this season of 'Big Brother'
Houseguest Josh Martinez to compete on this season of ‘Big Brother’ | Sonja Flemming

Josh Martinez lost three eliminations in a row

After winning Big Brother 19, Miami native Josh Martinez began competing on MTV reality competition series, The Challenge. Debuting during War of the Worlds, he placed last in the first mission, purging him from the competition.

However, he returned as a replacement, partnered with Amanda Garcia until they were eliminated shortly later.

The BB champ came back for the following season, War of the Worlds 2, and remained safe for the majority of the competition as Team USA won most of the missions.

Once he did end up in elimination, he lost to multi-season champ Jordan Wiseley. The Miami native returned for Total Madness, where he played his best game yet, winning three missions. However, he lost another elimination, missing the finals a third time.

Martinez seemingly almost blew his lead in elimination win

The 26-year-old came back for Double Agents and partnered with Kam Williams. However, Kyle Christie “stole” her following his elimination win, leaving Martinez paired with longtime friend and ally, Nany González.

After learning the house would likely nominate rookie team Mechie Harris and Amber Martinez for elimination, the team asked then-double agents Williams and Christie to send him in against the newbies as they considered it their best chance to get a gold skull.

When Martinez faced off against the rookie, he quickly completed the puzzle and advanced to the final part of the elimination. However, he had a hard time breaking the panels with the medicine ball, almost giving Harris a chance to catch up.

Ultimately, the four-time competitor pulled out the win, earning the last skull for men and his first elimination victory.

Martinez claims the elimination didn’t take as long as implied

Following the victory, Martinez became very emotional. During an interview with ET Canada, the reality star explained the emotion came from “doubt and fear” after losing three times in a row.

While he explained he knew which elimination he would compete in, the BB champ admitted the puzzle addition threw him for a loop. However, Martinez believes he did well because he plays puzzle games on his phone and remained calm instead of “panicking,” as he acknowledged he previously did.


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When it came to the second half of the elimination, the 26-year-old admitted he initially had difficulty because the medicine balls weighed more than expected. However, he noted it didn’t last as long as the edit seemingly implied.

Although the optics looked as though Martinez struggled for a long time as the co-stars and host laughed at him, the four-time competitor claimed it only took him around five times to finish the elimination. He also explained he called out Devin Walker following his win because the veteran repeatedly tried to throw him off by hurling insults.

The Challenge 36 airs Wednesdays at 9/8 Central on MTV.