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The Challenge champ Ashley Mitchell made a comment to Josh Martinez during Spies, Lies, and Allies that breached the show’s rules, leading her to disqualification. Over a year after the situation, Josh has opened up about his side of it.

Josh Martinez on Ashley Mitchell’s comment that led to her disqualification

Two-time champ Ashley Mitchell was disqualified from The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies by episode 14 for breaking the rules. Host TJ Lavin didn’t elaborate on her ejection, but viewers figured out it had something to do with a comment she made during a fight with Josh Martinez.

A little over a year after the episode featuring her disqualification aired, Josh opened up about it when he joined the panel for podcast Challenge Mania’s live episode in Miami, FL. A fan asked for more details about the situation, and the Big Brother winner admitted he wished the network would have shown the fight, considering it a missed opportunity as others have experienced something similar.

Additionally, Josh pointed out that castmates have criticized him relentlessly about pretty much everything throughout his five-season career on the competitive franchise but felt that Ashley brought up something “personal,” adding he thought she shouldn’t have “gone that low.” The reality star also denied rumors that he begged production to remove her from the show, noting he was “concerned” about the two-time champ’s mental health.

Despite the situation that Josh called the “hardest thing” he went through in the Challenge house, the veteran hopes Ashley returns for a future season as she’s a current champion and considers her a good addition. However, Tori Deal disagreed, insisting that Ashley’s remarks “offended” the crew. Additionally, she defended Josh by claiming the two-time champ shouldn’t have gone personal, adding, “you’re not the narrator of someone else’s story.”

Josh almost competed in ‘The Challenge: Ride or Dies’

Neither Josh nor Ashley returned for the following season, Ride or Dies, which is currently airing.

During another segment in the live episode of Challenge Mania, the Big Brother star explained he planned to compete in his sixth season in a row. According to Josh, the production team wanted him to partner with his sister, but the reality star had concerns that fans would harass her on social media.

Therefore, he tried to team up with two-time winner Rachel Robinson, who admitted to denying the opportunity for her family.

He then would have partnered with veteran Da’Vonne Rogers, but she apparently dropped out of the competition as well. At the last second, Josh claimed he discovered his status as an alternate which reduced him to tears. However, in hindsight, he appreciates the break because he feels it helped him get into a better headspace.

Ashley hasn’t returned for another season of ‘The Challenge’ since her disqualification

Following her disqualification, Ashley also hasn’t returned for another season and remained largely silent on the situation.

After making her debut on Rivals 3, she went on to win her next season, Invasion of the Champions. She then quit Dirty 30 during the premiere episode before winning Final Reckoning alongside Hunter Barfield.


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The two-time champ pulled one of the most unforgettable moves by blindsiding him at the end with her choice to keep the entire million-dollar prize to herself.

Ashley has since competed in five more seasons, including Spies, Lies, and Allies, but hasn’t secured another win yet. It’s unclear if the Real World star will return for another season or if the network has cut ties with her. The Challenge airs Wednesdays on MTV.