‘The Challenge’: Kailah Casillas’ Instagram Followers Think Her New Relationship Is a Major ‘Upgrade’

[Spoiler alert: Details about The Challenge, Season 35 are discussed.]

Now that Season 34 of The Challenge is behind us, fans are gearing up for Season 35 — and we’re sure to see many of the most infamous players return for their chance at winning the big money.

While Kailah Casillas is known for her time on The Real World, she’s now attempting to make a name for herself on The Challenge. She hasn’t won the show just yet — but she has managed to stir up major drama, get into physical altercations, and show her strength during eliminations. And now, it’s her new relationship that’s getting a ton of attention.

Here’s what her fans are saying on her Instagram regarding her new man, and a bit about her past romances.

Kailah Casillas was rumored to be hooking up with contestant Stephen Bear

TV personalities Dean Bart-Plange, Kailah Casillas, and Dione Mariani take a selfie during the MTV Press Junket & Cocktail Party
TV personalities Dean Bart-Plange, Kailah Casillas, and Dione Mariani take a selfie during the MTV Press Junket & Cocktail Party | Jason Kempin/Getty Images for MTV

While winning the game should be the first order of business for any Challenge competitor, it’s quite common for contestants in the house to form bonds and relationships with the others. And there were plenty of rumors suggesting Casillas and charismatic contestant Stephen Bear were having romantic relations after their time ended on Season 35.

Back on Nov. 22, 2019, Bear posted a photo of Casillas on his Instagram Story, and it showed her wearing his ring. Then, he added a video to his Story showing Casillas’ tattooed arm. This led many to believe that both Bear and Casillas were eliminated from Season 35 and spent the remainder of their time abroad together. And, of course, looked extra suspicious for Casillas, as she was dating her longterm boyfriend, Mikey Pericoloso, at the time.

Casillas and ex-boyfriend Mikey Pericoloso had a very public outburst

Many believed Casillas and Bear were pulling a PR stunt with the Instagram posts in order to ensure MTV would book them for future seasons of the show (or for other reality shows). But one thing’s for sure, and that’s that Casillas’ boyfriend at the time, Pericoloso, was not happy about what he saw.

Just a few days after Casillas was seen on Bear’s Instagram, Pericoloso took to Twitter to share his raw thoughts and feelings about the situation.

“To answer a couple questions. I have no idea what’s going on. Like at all,” he tweeted. “I’m as lost as you. Kailah and I have so many amazing times together over the past 3/4 years, I would never talk bad on any of that or her. No one is trying to be on ex on the anything.”

To that, Casillas replied, “Can we not make this a public spectacle? This is no ones business but ours. You act like I haven’t contacted you at all & that is not the case. I’ve told you time and time again that we will talk when you and I are both back in Vegas. That’s the last I’ll say on that.”

It seems the majority of Pericoloso and Casillas’ followers were in Pericoloso’s corner on this one. One follower mentioned that “appearing in Bear’s IG stories from bed” was making much more of a “public spectacle than anything Mikey is doing.”

Fans think Casillas’ new man is a major upgrade

Now, it seems Casillas isn’t with Bear or Pericoloso anymore. She’s sharing photos of her new man, Sam Bird, who’s known for his time on Ex On the Beach. The two have been spotted together since mid-January and are now flaunting their relationship all over social media.

On Jan. 26, Casillas added a photo of the two of them to Instagram with the caption, “Malibu vibes.” And before that, on Jan. 17, she added another photo of them hugging with the caption, “Birds of a feather flock together,” along with some emoji hearts.

Despite the drama Casillas has caused, her fans think she’s upgraded.

“Holy upgrade Kailah! Happy for you!” a fan commented on her Instagram photo.

“He’s way cuter than your last bf. Good upgrade girlfriend you deserve the world,” another added.

Many other Instagram followers are asking Casillas what happened with Pericoloso on her Instagram, too, so we’re hoping it’s all addressed during Season 35.

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