‘The Challenge’: Did Kailah Casillas and Nany González Become Best Friends by Making the Same Mistake?

The Challenge stars Kailah Casillas and Nany González became good friends during Season 35 and decided to move in with each other after filming. In Total Madness, Kailah cheated on longtime boyfriend Mikey Pericoloso with a castmate, and Nany similarly hooked up with a roommate during her original season of Real World while in a relationship. Did they become best friends by making the same mistake?

The Challenge Nany Gonzalez
Nany Gonzalez | Keith Mayhew

Nany González cheated on longtime boyfriend on ‘The Real World: Las Vegas’

In 2011, then 21-year-old New York-based former cheerleader Nany González made her reality television debut on MTV’s The Real World: Las Vegas.

Although Nany came into the house while in a six-year relationship, she and 22-year-old roommate Adam Royer quickly developed an attraction toward each other.

However, the criminal justice major denied his advances as she wanted to remain loyal to her boyfriend, Jordy. While Adam also had a girlfriend back home, he claimed he’s single while in Las Vegas and insisted on every guy’s cheating, which caused Nany to look at him differently.

After an argument with her boyfriend, she began questioning if she was “wasting with her youth with him,” as she believed they had a “flawed relationship.”

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Later that night, with the encouragement of her female roommates, she danced with Adam and ended up in bed with him. The next morning, Nany decided to end her six-year relationship over a phone call as she no longer considered Jordy the man for her and wanted to fully move on with Adam.

A few days later, the 22-year-old almost hit Nany in a drunken rage, resulting in eviction. Even though he returned in the final episode, the two never reconciled due to his drunken behavior.

While Nany has dated a few guys since her breakup, namely popular Challenger Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, she has yet to get into another serious relationship.

Kailah Casillas cheated on longtime boyfriend on ‘The Challenge 35’

In February 2017, The Real World: Go Big or Go Home star and music DJ Mikey Pericoloso made their first public appearance as a couple at a Floyd Mayweather boxing match.

The couple moved into a Las Vegas apartment and featured each other heavily on their social media accounts. Additionally, they appeared on a May 2019 episode of MTV’s How Far is Tattoo Far.

A few months later, Kailah left to film her sixth season of The Challenge. A relentless Stephen Bear almost immediately developed an attraction for the MTV star, and Kailah initially resisted out of respect for her three-year relationship.

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However, his persistence eventually paid off, and the two made out in the bathroom. A few other competitors joked about the ending of her relationship by turning Bear’s sleeping area into a honeymoon suite for the new couple with pictures of Kailah and Mikey P taped to the ceiling. The joke upset Kailah because she took her inevitable breakup seriously.

After Nelson Thomas made inappropriate comments about the MTV star at a nomination ceremony, Bear stood up for his lady, making her fall harder for him.

Even though Kailah visited her new love in his hometown of London after filming, the two didn’t work out. She’s currently dating Ex on the Beach star, Sam Bird.

Kailah Casillas and Nany González now best friends

Nany and Kailah both competed on The Challenge 35: Total Madness. They teamed up with mutual friend Jenna Compono to create the Holy Trinity Alliance. Kailah’s two allies saw her falling for Bear, and both didn’t approve but let her friend make her own choices.

After the Real World star returned from her UK trip once filming concluded, Kailah left the Las Vegas apartment she shared with Mikey P. The MTV star relocated back to her home state, where she moved into a South Florida-based apartment with Nany, who previously lived in Arizona.

While they were in the bunker filming The Challenge, Kailah relied on her allies to get her through the emotional rollercoaster she felt when she cheated on her boyfriend to explore her connection with Bear.

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Nany and Kailah experienced similar situations, and both expressed feelings of wanting to do what’s best for them when they considered straying away from the relationship.

Additionally, their long-term relationships were headed toward marriage when they cheated on their boyfriends and did not regret their actions. Therefore, it’s very likely that Nany shared advice from personal experience with Kailah, resulting in a much closer bond between the two.

The Challenge 35: Total Madness airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.