‘The Challenge’: Kam Williams Thinks Kaycee Clark Threw Mission to Partner With Fessy Shafaat

Wanting to team up with ally Kaycee Clark for the finals, Fessy Shafaat threw himself into elimination so he could choose her as a partner. Following the episode, her former teammate and veteran Leroy Garrett and The Challenge 36 co-star Kam Williams admitted they thought Kaycee plotted to run the finals with Fessy from the beginning and threw the last challenge as part of the plan.

Kam Williams and Leroy Garrett attend Double Dare
Kam Williams and Leroy Garrett attend Double Dare presented by Mtn Dew Kickstart at Comedy Central | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Mountain Dew

Kaycee Clark and Leroy Garrett were partners throughout ‘Double Agents’

Returning finalist Kaycee Clark and veteran Leroy Garrett teamed up during the first episode of The Challenge 36Although they voted together at times, the two didn’t always have each other’s best interests in mind as they worked with different people in the house.

Therefore, they rarely spoke outside of the challenges. Regardless, the two competed very well together, winning five daily missions throughout the season, the most of any team.

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They, and their allies, maintained power in the house, allowing them to choose when they wanted to go into elimination to earn their gold skull and stay safe after they won it.

Due to their dominance, the team would likely perform well in the finals. However, her Big Brother 20 co-star Fessy Shafaat stole her following the last daily mission.

Fessy Shafaat threw himself into elimination to team up with Kaycee

Because Aneesa Ferreira placed first during the starting daily mission, she earned the ability to choose her partner and selected returning finalist Fessy.

He reluctantly worked with her and then immediately picked his ally, Kaycee, for a new teammate when he had the chance. However, Aneesa won the following elimination and stole him back.

They remained partnered for several weeks until Nany Gonzaléz chose to partner with him, which she immediately regretted. After a couple of weeks, rookie Amber Borzotra decided to team up with him.

During their first challenge together, she failed to advance past the first checkpoint, irritating the former football player. Therefore, he wanted to take his game into his own hands and threw himself into the final elimination. Fessy took out Kyle Christie in a brutal Hall Brawl and chose Kaycee, as planned.

Kam Williams and Leroy thinks Kaycee might have thrown mission

When it became clear that Fessy planned on throwing himself in to partner with the Big Brother winner, Leroy got annoyed. He felt they worked well together and had the best chance to win the finals with each other. Kaycee played coy around him while encouraging Fessy to go into elimination so they could partner for the ending stretch.

Following the episode, Double Agents co-stars and couple Kam Williams and Leroy appeared on the official Challenge podcast, hosted by Tori Deal and Aneesa, to discuss the drama.

While explaining everyone’s performance during the most recent mission, Escape the Volcano, Kam and Leroy admitted they felt Kaycee threw the challenge so Fessy could choose her because they always wanted to compete in the finals together.

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She explained she noticed Kaycee is a good runner but failed to pass Nany while competing in the mission. According to Leroy, he didn’t know the extent of Fessy and Kaycee’s friendship.

He said he thought the house plotted to throw him into elimination before the finals because he won several daily missions, presenting the biggest threat. Regardless, they noted they still “liked” the Big Brother winner and respect her gameplay.

The Challenge 36 airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on MTV.