‘The Challenge’: Kaycee Clark Claims Bayleigh Dayton Tried to ‘Sabotage’ Her Relationship

In The Challenge 35: Total Madness Episode 13, Kaycee Clark and Bayleigh Dayton got into a heated argument as the latter felt betrayed. The Big Brother 20 star claimed Kaycee and Nany Gonzaléz slept in the same bed together and insinuated she previously “had a thing” with the BB20 champ as well. The former football player has denied sleeping in the same bed with either ladies, as she has a girlfriend back home, and believes Bayleigh made things up to “sabotage” her relationship.

Kaycee Clark houseguest on the CBS series 'Big Brother'
Kaycee Clark houseguest on the CBS series ‘Big Brother’ | Sonja Flemming

Kaycee Clark flirted with Nany Gonzaléz in ‘The Challenge 35’

Early in the season, Big Brother 20 champ Kaycee Clark and nine-time competitor Nany Gonzaléz got very close. One night at a bar, the veteran became extremely drunk and continually flirted with the rookie, despite constant reminders that the BB20 winner had a serious live-in girlfriend.

Even though Aneesa Ferreira warned Clark about how their affection looked, the rookie insisted she would not disrespect her situation back home.

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In Episode 13, the two continued getting closer, and the BB20 champ claimed she felt more loyal toward the veteran than her Big Brother co-star, Bayleigh Dayton.

Bayleigh Dayton and Kaycee Clark got into a fight in ‘The Challenge 35’

As the end of the season nears, those without a red skull are now scrambling to get into an elimination so they can earn their way into the finals. The veteran won her way into the Tribunal, allowing her to throw herself into Purgatory.

Therefore, the house had to choose between Melissa Reeves or Bayleigh to vote in, and the deciding vote came down to Kaycee. After consulting with the nine-time competitor, the BB20 champ helped her out and elected Melissa over Bayleigh, upsetting her.

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In Interrogation, the rookie went off on the veteran as she seemingly blamed her for Kaycee’s choice. The Big Brother co-stars then got into a heated exchange as Bayleigh insinuated that she and Kaycee had some sort of romantic relationship on their original show.

The former football player denied they ever “had a thing,” and further elaborated on the situation in an Instagram Live after the episode.

Kaycee Clark claims Bayleigh Dayton tried to sabotage her relationship

While the California-native “took full responsibility” for her inappropriate behavior with Nany, she clarified they never kissed as the show implied. She also acknowledged her previous interactions with Bayleigh on Big Brother and denied sleeping in the same bed as her.

Additionally, she noted they joked around with a showmance name but insisted they never “had a thing.” According to the football player, she helped the veteran out over Bayleigh because she overheard the latter “throwing her under the bus.” Therefore, the 32-year-old nullified their prior deal and felt she owed her BB co-star nothing.

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Kaycee also accused the rookie of trying to “sabotage” her relationship by saying she and Nany slept in the same bed together because she insists that never happened. Additionally, Bayleigh threatened to phone girlfriend Tayler Jimenez and let her know about Kacy and Nany’s situation.

The BB champ believes Bayleigh fabricated the truth to upset her girlfriend and “make it more dramatic.” She continued and explained she felt the rookie was saying anything to make herself look like the “angel.” The Challenge 35: Total Madness airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.