‘The Challenge’: Has Leroy Garrett Ever Won a Season?

The Challenge alum Leroy Garrett competed in 12 seasons over the past 10 years since debuting in 2011’s Rivals before retiring from the franchise. Did he ever win a season prior to walking away from the franchise?

Leroy Garrett poses for 'The Challenge: War of the Worlds' cast photo
‘The Challenge’ alum, Leroy Garrett | MTV

Leroy Garrett recently retired from ‘The Challenge’

During The Challenge: Double Agents (2021), 36-year-old Leroy Garrett noted that he would retire after a 10-year stint with the franchise following the season. At the time, he didn’t announce a reason, and many fans assumed he wanted to focus on his new career as a barber and relationship with Kam Williams.

However, the four-time finalist revealed what actually factored into his decision a few months later in a Nov. 2021 36-minute video. The former player detailed the infamous Dirty 30 incident with alum Camila Nakagawa in which she made racially offensive remarks to him.

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According to Leroy, he felt the security and production team failed to intervene after she made the comments and “violently” threw a pillow at him. Additionally, the Real World star pointed out that no one asked her to apologize, and she went to win the season.

As he didn’t feel protected by the network in that situation and noticed that MTV continues to support Camila on social media, Leroy noted he decided to walk away. Camila and The Challenge have both since acknowledged his video in separate statements.

He has never won a season of ‘The Challenge’

In 2011, Leroy debuted on The Real World: Las Vegas at the age of 25, aspiring to become an actor or personal trainer. Shortly after the season, he premiered on companion competition series, The Challenge, for Rivals alongside former roommate Adam Royer.

Following his partner’s early elimination, he teamed up with Michael Ross, and the two made it to the finals. Although they had a shot at winning, Michael couldn’t finish, and they had to withdraw in third place.

Leroy then returned for three more seasons, where he failed to see a final until Battle of the Exes 2 (2015). Dealing with the disqualification of another partner, he ultimately finished second. The fan-favorite went home early during his subsequent three appearances until Vendettas (2018).

He appeared in the finals for his last two seasons but failed to take home the elusive win. Throughout his 10-year career and 12 seasons on The Challenge, Leroy has 25 daily wins, nine elimination victories to four losses, and has taken home $36,500.

Leroy is currently dating castmate Kam Williams

The veteran met then-rookie Kam Williams during 2018’s Vendettas, and the two ended up falling for each other throughout the season.

While Kam wanted to make things official, he preferred not to have a serious relationship as they lived on opposite sides of the country. They both competed on War of the Worlds a year later, where he wanted to rekindle their romance.

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However, she focused her energy on her teammate, UK native Theo Campbell. At the reunion following the season, Kam and Leroy revealed they stayed with each other after filming before miscommunications resulted in her leaving on bad terms.

The two eventually reconciled after War of the Worlds 2, and they announced they began dating in Feb. 2020. They are currently living in Houston, Texas, where he is pursuing a career as a barber. The Challenge airs on MTV.