‘The Challenge’ Star Lolo Jones Admitted She’s Starting to ‘Give up Hope’ on Finding Love

Olympic hurdler and bobsledder Lolo Jones appeared on numerous reality competition shows, including The Challenge and its spinoff, Champs vs. Pros. Following her early exit from Double Agents, she went on to win the 2021 IBSF World Championships as a brakewoman. Throughout her career, the track star has been open about her faith and remaining a virgin until marriage. In a recent Instagram post, she admitted dating, especially during the pandemic, hadn’t gotten easier for her.

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition -Lolo Jones in the Big Brother House
Big Brother: Celebrity Edition -Lolo Jones in the Big Brother House

Lolo Jones is an Olympian who competed on ‘The Challenge’

38-year-old Des Moines, Iowa native Olympic hurdler and bobsledder started her reality television career on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars (2014) season 19, where she went home first.

Jones later appeared on an episode of the improv comedy show Whose Line is it Anyway? (2016) and then competed on The Challenge spinoff, Champs vs. Pros. The Olympian lasted until episode 6, and she raised $1,000 for charity Hurdles of Hope.

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In 2019, the track star joined the cast of Celebrity Big Brother 2 and nearly made it to the end, but ended up placing third. After hosting The Challenge War of the Worlds: War of the Worlds following her exit, Jones returned for a regular season of the competition show as a rookie.

Annoyed with her partner and feeling she couldn’t compete to her highest level, the Olympian left the show. However, she later accused the producers of forcing her to quit. 

Jones has been open about being a virgin

The athlete has always spoken about her religion and how her faith has helped her get through difficult times in her life. Additionally, Jones said she reads Bible verses and listens to Christian music while preparing for her races.

Due to her faith, the 38-year-old wants to remain a virgin until she marries, calling it “a gift I want to give to my husband” in a 2012 interview with Mary Carillo.

Even so, the track star has admitted the difficulty, noting she considered remaining a virgin “harder than training for the Olympics” and “graduating from college.”

The 38-year-old also noted she’s had “plenty of opportunities” but refuses to sleep with anyone other than the person she marries. Nearly 10 years after giving the interview, the dating process while remaining a virgin hasn’t gotten any easier on the athlete.

She admitted she’s starting to ‘give up hope’ on finding love

In a lengthy Apr. 2021 Instagram caption, the reality star gave a “life rant,” noting she’s “bored with dating” and admitted she’s beginning to “give up hope” after falsely believing she met her “person.”

Although the Olympian noted she’s finding people who are also looking for marriage, Jones said she still finds it “hard to date” as many of them don’t embody everything she’s seeking or want her to travel with them.

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She also thinks entertaining someone during the pandemic is boring because she can only rely on phone calls, making her feel they’ll never actually meet.

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