‘The Challenge’: Lolo Jones Says C.T. And Big T Unfairly Won Daily Mission; Devin Walker Denies It

Believing she had no chance to get into an elimination to earn a gold skull and switch partners, Lolo Jones ended up quitting The Challenge 36. Following the episode, the Olympian claimed MTV “forced” her to leave the show. Additionally, she insisted the producers allowed C.T. Tamburello and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley to win a daily mission when they didn’t follow the rules. However, Devin Walker denies the claims and says Lolo is “lying.”

Lolo Jones of the United States looks on during the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix
Lolo Jones of the United States looks on during the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix | Maddie Meyer

Lolo Jones quit ‘The Challenge 36’

In 2017, three-time Olympian Lolo Jones competed in spinoff Champs vs. Pros, where she won three eliminations and earned $1,000 for her charity. She returned for the 36th season of the original Challenge series in 2020 as a rookie and teamed up with Ultimate Beastmaster star Nam Vo.

Even though they formed the perfect team on paper, the two had a hard time communicating and concluded they would perform better with different teammates.

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Therefore, they asked the other competitors to throw them into elimination as a house vote, but they didn’t want to help them out. Believing her co-stars were blocking her from competing and wanting to train for the Olympics, Lolo quit during the Feb. 24 episode.

Lolo claims MTV forced her to quit the show

Following the episode, she claimed the MTV producers “forced” her to quit the show against her will in a Twitter thread.

The 38-year-old insisted a producer approached her and told her to stage an exit from the competition series.

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Although leaving the show early worked out in her favor as she made the Olympic team in time, the track star noted she “fought to stay after meeting with producers.”

In her last tweet regarding the situation, Lolo claimed the show is for reality television and not an actual competition. Therefore, she said the editing focuses more on the “entertaining” parts than depicting the entire narrative.

Lolo says C.T. and Big T unfairly won mission; Devin denies it

The Olympian also claimed C.T. Tamburello and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley shouldn’t have won the Air Lift challenge in a now-deleted tweet. For the mission, the competitors had to hang on to ropes attached to a helicopter, drop into a designated zone, and then swim to a platform where they clocked their time by hitting a button.

While a few pairs disqualified, C.T. and Big T pulled out the win, with her surprisingly outswimming her partner. Lolo claimed the two did not drop within the “parameters” during the mission but says they received the victory anyways.

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She also noted she wanted to “stay and fight” after seeing “the producers can change the rules to fit who they want to win.” Co-star Devin Walker denied her claims and insisted the team fairly won the mission by learning from others’ mistakes to “execute a close to perfect performance.”

In another tweet, he added, “challengers in their feelings because they got beat” and encouraged them to “take the L [loss].” Viewers might find out the truth during the season 36 reunion, but Lolo reportedly didn’t receive an invite. The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on MTV.