‘The Challenge’: Lolo Jones Claims Nam Vo Complimented Her on Camera but Said ‘Nothing in Person’

Rookies Lolo Jones and Nam Vo teamed up during The Challenge 36: Double Agents. During the second episode, both revealed their attraction toward each other, but it didn’t seem to go anywhere. After episode 3 aired, Lolo noted her partner complimented her in his confessionals but gave her “nothing” in-person.

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition - Lolo Jones in the Big Brother House
Big Brother: Celebrity Edition – Lolo Jones in the Big Brother House | Sonja Flemming

Lolo Jones and Nam Vo debuted on ‘The Challenge 36’ as rookies

Originally from Des Moines, Iowa, 38-year-old Olympic bobsledder and hurdler Lolo Jones has appeared on television before entering The Challenge house.

She competed on season 19 of Dancing with the Stars (2014), where she became the first celebrity eliminated. The three-time Olympian also appeared on spinoff The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros (2017) and proved herself by winning three eliminations.

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However, her impressive performance wasn’t enough to keep her safe, and she went home before the finals but raised $1,000 for her charity. After placing third on Celebrity Big Brother 2 (2019), Lolo returned to The Challenge for its 36th season, this time competing for half of the million-dollar check.

German native Nam Vo appeared on the first season of Ultimate Beastmaster and made it to the finals. He came to The Challenge to prove his physical prowess and looks to buy his parents a house with the money if he wins. 

Lolo and Nam partnered on ‘The Challenge’

During the premiere episode, the agents immediately faced off against each other for control. Aneesa Ferreira was the overall winner and given the opportunity to select her partner.

She chose Big Brother 20 star Fessy Shafaat, leaving the other 28 competitors to pair up. Some immediately gravitated toward each other such as Cory Wharton and Tori Deal.

In contrast, others didn’t get their first pick as CT Tamburello chose to work with Ashley Mitchell over Kam Williams. Many rookies, including Lolo and Nam, were looked over, so the two paired up.

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Although they look like the strongest rookie team, they have gone mostly unnoticed so far. The second episode highlighted their relationship more as it showed the two flirting.

They also revealed they both found each other attractive in their confessionals. After the episode aired, Lolo called Nam a “fraud” and said she thought he put on a show for the cameras.

Lolo claims Nam gave her ‘nothing in person’

After the third episode aired, reality commentary channel Rob Has a Podcast teased its newest episode with a two-minute clip discussing the potential relationship between Lolo and Nam.

The pundits noted how they loved watching the three-time Olympian flirt with Nam and thought she should’ve heard the compliments he gave her in his confessional. Lolo quote tweeted it and claimed she “got nothing” from her partner.

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She noted his behavior “broke my heart” because he complimented her in his confessionals but didn’t say much in-person. The Olympian closed her tweet by admitting she felt he didn’t mean anything he said.

In a reply to a fan, Lolo acknowledged the “cultural difference” between them but noted that he seemed “very protective of his image.” The Challenge 36 airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on MTV.