‘The Challenge’: Mark Long Admitted He Threw an Important Elimination to Johnny ‘Bananas’

The Challenge two-time champ Mark Long pitched the idea of a season featuring only old school players and gathered enough support to turn it into a spinoff, All-Stars. Shortly before the finale, “the Godfather” revealed he threw a heavily debated elimination to Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio.

Johnny Bananas hosts The Pool After Dark
Johnny Bananas hosts The Pool After Dark | Tom Briglia/ WireImage

Mark Long won two seasons of ‘The Challenge’

Road Rules star Mark Long debuted on The Challenge for its second season (1999), winning it alongside his team and taking home a little over $6,500.

He returned a few years later for Battle of the Sexes (2003) and clocked another victory, earning a total of $51,000.

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The reality also competed in the 2004 sequel but went home shortly before the finals. After a quick break, Mark returned for The Gauntlet 2 (2006) as part of the Veterans but lost the final challenge.

Regardless, he walked away with around $8,700. Finally, the two-time champ gave it another go in The Duel 2 (2009) but finished third, earning $15,000.

He competed on ‘Battle of the Exes’ before returning for ‘All Stars’

In 2012, Mark returned for Battle of the Exes alongside ex-girlfriend Robin Hibbard, whom he began dating after meeting on Battle of the Sexes. The two performed well throughout the competition, winning a daily mission along the way.

However, then-power couple CT Tamburello and Diem Brown threw Mark and Robin into elimination against their allies Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio and Camila Nakagawa, who placed last in the challenge.

CT and Diem settled on the two because they hadn’t competed in the dome, unlike everyone else in the house. Facing off against his friends in X Battle, a variation of Pole Wrestle where both players hold the object and force the other to let go, Johnny pinned Mark’s arm down, making him release it, and eliminating the two-time champ.

Camila and Johnny went on to win the season after sending them home. The Road Rules star didn’t return until nearly a decade later for spinoff All-Stars.

Mark admitted he threw the elimination to Johnny ‘Bananas’ Devenanzio

Following episode 6, host Devyn Simone quizzed a few of the players, including Mark, on his elimination record during the official aftershow. While many of them assumed he had won more eliminations, he lost; the host explained that the Godfather lost the only one he competed.

The two-time champ noted his loss is in “quotes” because he had an alliance with Johnny and “something happened during the show.” The Challenge star went on to admit he threw the elimination to his friend but said he wouldn’t do it again because he wants a winning record.

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In a Reddit thread discussing the revelation, many viewers claimed Mark and other players had a history of making deals and throwing eliminations for a cut of the prize money.

One user stated their belief that the two-champ also threw challenges during Battle of the Sexes 2, reportedly to help Arissa Hill get to the finals, and The Duel 2, where he and Brad Fiorenza supposedly let Canadian native Evan Starkman win to receive a more significant cut. The Challenge: All-Stars airs on Paramount+.