‘The Challenge’ Star Mattie Lynn Breaux Says She Isn’t Returning To the Show

The Challenge star Mattie Breaux appeared on two seasons of the MTV competition series and seemingly validated herself as a solid competitor. However, following a public arrest, the reality star revealed that her time on the show has ended.

Maggie McGuffin (Crown on Head) and CMT's Party Down South cast members Ryan "Daddy" Richards and Mattie Breaux
Maggie McGuffin (Crown on Head) and CMT’s Party Down South cast members Ryan “Daddy” Richards and Mattie Breaux | Rick Diamond

Mattie Breaux competed on two seasons of ‘The Challenge’

Then 24-year-old bartender from Louisiana, Mattie Lynn Breaux, made her reality television debut on CMT’s Party Down South in 2014. The show, produced by the same company behind the hit MTV series Jersey Shore, followed eight adults living together for a summer.

It became the highest-rated show for the network, resulting in another two seasons. In 2019, the reality star debuted on MTV’s competition series, The Challenge 33: War of the Worlds, alongside UK native Kyle Christie.

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She advanced to the finals after performing well but withdrew after she felt unable to continue. Breaux then joined the MTV’s Floribama Shore cast, a reality show similar to Party Down South, for its third season.

The Louisiana native returned two Challenge seasons later for Total Madness but failed to win an elimination.

Breaux recently received jail sentence for a drunk-driving accident

Two years before appearing on Party Down South, Breaux was arrested for a drunk-driving incident. She failed to appear at her court hearing due to the filming of season two, resulting in an April 2014 bench warrant for her arrest.

Five years later, the reality star was involved in a single-car accident when she ran into a concrete median in Nashville, Tennessee. Breaux later admitted to responding authorities that she consumed unprescribed hydrocodone and drank two beers before driving. Therefore, the Louisiana native was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI).

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While receiving treatment for minor injuries at the hospital, Breaux also revealed she previously received two DUIs in her home state, which the police officers later confirmed.

In Nov. 2020, a little over a year after the arrest, the reality star appeared in court and entered a guilty plea. She received a suspended one-year sentence in jail, of which she had to serve seven days on the weekends. Additionally, Breaux lost her license for a year.

Breaux won’t return for another season of ‘The Challenge’

A few days after her jail sentence went viral, the reality star responded to the backlash from fans. She uploaded a picture of herself crying and owned up to making “a mistake” that she has since taken “complete ownership” of by facing her actions’ ramifications.

A couple of months later, a follower asked Breaux on Instagram why she didn’t compete on the current season of The Challenge and if she had plans to return.

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The reality star answered and explained, “Unfortunately, my time with them has come to an end but I’m grateful for the opportunity.” It’s unclear why the series won’t ask Breaux back, but her DUI cases might be why the network is separating from her.

Additionally, the series seemingly quietly fired the Louisiana native as it hasn’t made an announcement about her. The Challenge 36: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on MTV.