‘The Challenge’: ‘Messy’ Fessy Shafaat Lied to Protect Josh Martinez From Getting Kicked Off — Josh Did NOT Return the Favor


  • Fessy and Josh’s altercation on ‘The Challenge’ began with a night out drinking
  • The situation was a ‘ticking time bomb’
  • Fessy Shafaat says he lied on ‘The Challenge’ to protect Josh Martinez
The Challenge stars Fessy Shafaat and Josh Martinez pose for MTV
‘The Challenge’ veterans, Fessy Shafaat and Josh Martinez | MTV

The Challenge star “Messy” Fessy Shafaat was disqualified on Spies, Lies, and Allies after an altercation with Josh Martinez. The once-tight Big Brother alliance fell apart during episode six. But Fessy says that things didn’t exactly play out like fans saw on camera.

According to the former college football star, he lied to protect Josh from getting kicked off. But Josh didn’t return the favor.

Fessy and Josh’s altercation on ‘The Challenge’ began with a night out drinking

During the episode in question, The Challenge competitors went out for a drunken night of partying before returning to the house to make pizza. Amber Borzotra — who’s part of the Big Brother alliance with Fessy and Josh — got upset when she thought someone ate her slices.

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Tori Deal wanted to “stir” things up because the house had gotten boring. So, she told Amber that her rival Fessy ate her pizza. When she confronted him about his alleged pizza theft, the conversation quickly turned to him blindsiding her a few weeks earlier.

One disqualification, two warnings

The situation escalated when Fessy’s rookie partner Esther Agunbiade threw a drink on Amber. But Tori didn’t want the drama to end there. She brought in Josh because she knew how heated things had gotten between him and Fessy in the past.

The two former allies began going at it, and Fessy pushed Josh’s face. The incident resulted in Fessy’s disqualification. But Josh and Esther got a warning and were allowed to continue in the game.

Fessy Shafaat says he lied on ‘The Challenge’ to protect Josh Martinez

After his eviction from the house, Fessy told the Watch With Us podcast that he assumed the “worst” after his fight with Josh. But he hoped he would get off with a warning. Fessy says that Josh split his chin open with a glass, but they later made up and resolved their differences.

On The Challenge Mania podcast, Fessy said he lied and told production that Josh “accidentally” threw a glass at him and cut his chin. He did this to protect Josh from getting kicked off the show.

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But when he tried to prove that all was well and that he and Josh had made up, Josh kept saying “you put your hands on me.” Fessy wanted Josh to stop saying that because the “cameras are right there.” He knew if Josh continued to make a big deal out of the incident while cameras were on them, it wouldn’t end well.

The situation was a ‘ticking time bomb’

Fessy says that he and Josh are both “very prideful,” and they both thought the other one was making the wrong moves in the game.

“We were just letting it brew and brew we should have had a conversation before that happened,” Fessy told Entertainment Weekly. “I think we were both just waiting for an excuse to talk about it and that night when Tori and Cory brought up Amber and went and got Josh, it was the ticking time bomb.”

‘The Challenge’ stars are ‘two different people’

The Challenge star added that he and Josh are “tight” friends in real life. And if he would’ve been arguing with anyone else, it wouldn’t have gotten to that level.

“But me and Josh always get in arguments in the game and then hash it out later. That’s how our friendship is, it’s kind of all over the place because we’re two different people,” Fessy explained.

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“We get along well but he sees things different ways in the game, and he plays a very different game. So, when we’re in the same alliance and stuff like that, we’re not going to see the same on certain things I guess, so it just led up to that.”

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