‘The Challenge’: MJ Garrett Revealed Secret 4th Step to Opening Safe; Some Don’t Believe Him

The Challenge: All Stars 2 winner MJ Garrett mentioned a fourth step needed to open the safe that included the prize money during the finals. After initially going mum once asked about it, he has finally revealed the heavily debated extra rule.

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MJ Garrett previously claimed ‘The Challenge: All Stars 2’ safe included a fourth step to unlock it

After winning The Challenge: All Stars 2, his second season overall, MJ Garrett dished on the final in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

The Philadelphia native explained the safes containing the grand prize initially didn’t open. However, a producer reportedly confirmed they had the correct code and instructed them to run to the jet.

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Garrett then claimed a truck picked them up and took them back to their safe, where they found a fourth step to open the lockbox. He also said they were lucky to have finished the puzzles at the prior checkpoint 10 minutes ahead because they could have lost if another team had figured out the fourth step first.

Talking with Johnny Devenanzio on his Death, Taxes, and Bananas podcast, runner-up and Inferno 3 winner Janelle Casanave claimed she texted him about the fourth step after reading the article but never received a response from him.

He eventually revealed the fourth step; Janelle Casanave and others don’t believe him

During Janelle’s Jan. 16, 2022 episode of The Challenge Mania podcast, host and three-time champ Derrick Kosinski reportedly contacted MJ and received a call from him.

According to Janelle, the winner asked if he would publicly use the content. Derrick apparently agreed not to and then neglected to share anything with her. After the episode aired, the runner-up claims MJ reached out to her and revealed the fourth step as “slowing down and taking your time.”

Johnny and her partner Darrell Taylor laughed as they didn’t believe the champ. “You had a week, and that’s what you came up with?” The host jokingly asked. Although Janelle admitted to being disappointed with how things turned out in the finals, she didn’t consider it a conspiracy.

Instead, she and Darrell noted, “luck wasn’t on their side” because they picked what they believed as the most complex puzzle during the second checkpoint. The Inferno 3 champ pointed out the difficulty producers must face when things “go wrong” but noted she wished the fixes were more impartial. 

Janelle also disputed other claims MJ made about ‘The Challenge: All Stars 2’ final

Speaking to her former Real World roommate during the Jan. 21, 2022 episode of the podcast, Janelle brought up MJ’s claims that he and Jonna Mannion were almost done with finishing the first portion before Teck Holmes and Ayanna Mackins quit.

According to Janelle, the team seemingly had a long way to go. Additionally, she noted that Jonna claimed production told them not to finish because they were losing daylight.

However, Janelle wondered what would have happened if Teck and Ayanna had continued competing. During The Challenge Mania podcast, she disputed another detail MJ included in his interview in which he reported they were 10 minutes ahead of the other teams.

But, Janelle claimed she and Darrell were 50 yards or only a couple of minutes behind the duo. The Challenge: All Stars is streaming on Paramount+.

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