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Two-time finalist Nelson Thomas noted he wanted to continue pursuing rookie Olivia Kaiser following his exit from The Challenge Season 38’s Ride or Dies. However, it didn’t work out, and Nelson admitted the situation hurt him. During a recent interview, he opened up about it and revealed why he believes she pulled back from him.

Nelson Thomas said Olivia Kaiser left him ‘heartbroken’ after ‘The Challenge’ romance

Rookie Olivia Kaiser and veteran Nelson Thomas hit it off during The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies. Following his elimination, Nelson noted he wanted to pursue Olivia outside the house.

After the episode aired, Nelson appeared on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcastwhere he opened up about their relationship after previously refusing to talk about it. According to the veteran, Olivia called him after filming, and the two apparently spoke for hours.

However, he noted she wasn’t ready for a relationship like he was, considering it a “timing” issue. Nelson admitted he thought he wanted to get serious but said Olivia left him “heartbroken.”

He went more into depth about the situation during Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio’s Death, Taxes, and Bananas podcast, noting he thought things were going well after their phone call. According to the Are You the One? star, the rookie invited him to her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona but then asked him to meet her family in Alaska.

Olivia reportedly wanted to remain single

After initially being hesitant to meet her family as they hadn’t hung out outside the Challenge house before, he said he agreed.

Even though they lost contact for a little bit, the two began talking again, and he said he video-chatted with her family.

He then claimed she reneged on the invitation as she planned to go to Hawaii instead for a “girl’s trip.” The reality star admitted the situation bothered him and noted the two fell out again before she invited him to meet her in Los Angeles.

When Olivia arrived in town, Nelson claimed she never contacted him but noticed her on social media partying with castmates Nurys Mateo and Jordan Wiseley. According to the veteran, he heard through his Ride or Dies teammate that Olivia wanted to remain single.

Nelson thinks Olivia pulled back partly due to his past

Additionally, Nelson claimed that her friends researched him online and discovered his previous jail stint and past relationships that have played out on reality television.

The MTV star believes the revelations also played a part in her decision to pull back from him. Nelson admitted the situation “shattered” his heart, especially as he thought he didn’t get to show her what he wanted.


‘The Challenge: Nelson Thomas’s Dating History; Is He Currently Single?

The Spies, Lies, and Allies finalist went on to tease an emotional exchange with the rookie that takes place during the reunion, noting he felt taken on a “rollercoaster” by her. A few weeks before his interview aired, Olivia appeared on the Challenge Mania podcast, where she opened up about her current relationship with Nelson.

According to the rookie, he had feelings for her, but she didn’t want to get into a relationship. Additionally, she hinted that they might have ended on bad terms as she noted she preferred to “friendzone” him while he had other plans. The Challenge airs Wednesdays on MTV.