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The Challenge rookie Nurys Mateo connected with newcomer Johnny Middlebrooks at the beginning of Ride or Dies. Their bond initially formed when meeting at the airport and continued in the house until his early exit. Following his elimination, Nurys moved on to three-time champ Jordan Wiseley. However, Nurys and Johnny rekindled their romance at the reunion. Are the rookies still together? 

Nurys Mateo said she initially tried to hide romance with Johnny Middlebrooks

Before making their debut in The Challenge: Ride or Dies, rookies Johnny Middlebrooks and Nurys Mateo connected and entered the house nearly as a couple.

The two had a short-lived romance as he was eliminated by episode 3, and Nurys moved on to Jordan Wiseley before her elimination in episode 11.

Following her exit, she appeared on the Challenge Mania podcast and explained the two initially attempted to hide their romance. However, veteran Aneesa Ferreira apparently caught the couple getting close on the plane and recorded them.

After landing in Argentina to film the season, the newcomer recalled Nelson telling her that Aneesa told the cast about her budding relationship. According to Nurys, the pair attempted to separate themselves during their first couple of days in the house by only hanging out at night. However, she claimed the cast went back into quarantine for almost a week when a few members tested positive for COVID-19.

Are Nurys and Johnny dating after ‘The Challenge: Ride or Dies?’

During that time, the competitors stayed in separate hotel rooms but received their phones, and Nurys recalled her and Johnny talking on video chat a lot during this period.

She noted their connection grew as they got to know each other without the physical aspect, leading to a stronger bond when they returned to the house.

When he exited the house after three episodes, Nurys noted she had no expectations because they never discussed pursuing a relationship after filming ended.

Therefore, she assumed he had other situations back home and decided to move on with Jordan. Although the rookie claimed the two have a strong connection, she also admitted she didn’t think they were ready for a relationship.

Nurys and Johnny reunited after the ‘Ride or Dies’ reunion

Near the end of the episode, Nurys explained that the two reunited in London, England after filming the reunion and extended their stay for a mini-vacation.

She clarified they aren’t in a relationship due to timing but notes they have a good time with one another when they connect.


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The Are You the One? star went into more detail with co-star Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio during an episode of his podcast Death, Taxes, and Bananas. She explained the two hadn’t talked for a couple of months before the reunion as she felt he wasn’t honest.

However, the newcomer admitted that she couldn’t deny their chemistry when they were together. According to Nurys, she believes Johnny is currently “experiencing life” after getting into reality television shows, modeling, and moving to Los Angeles, so he might not recognize the rookie as his “best option.” The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays on MTV.