‘The Challenge’: OG Season Moving Forward — Which Fan Favorites Are Confirmed to Return?

The Challenge: OG season is moving forward, thanks to Mark Long. The 49-year-old starred in the very first season of Road Rules in 1995. He later competed in the first five seasons of The Challenge, winning two. Long’s last appearance on the MTV series was in 2012, but he kept in touch with others in the community. After his pitch for an OG season went viral this summer, Long has officially inked a deal with Bunim/Murray Productions. Now, fans are wondering which of their favorite stars will return.

The Challenge Mark Long
‘The Challenge’ all-star Mark Long | themarklong instagram

Mark Long promises fans ‘something fun, nostalgic, and familiar’

According to Us Weekly, Mark announced last month that he signed a deal with Bunim/Murray. In a statement, he said that the company has been “like family” to him since the mid-1990s.

“Our history alone and the huge success that BMP has in the reality competition space was the perfect formula to bring the #WeWantOGs project to life,” said Long. “I think during these trying times that the audience is looking for something fun, nostalgic and familiar. This project has all of that and more.”

Mark says he is excited to develop his concept and see “where it lands.” He is certain that the timing is perfect for the show. Mark says that the OG reality cast members who he has reached out to are “ready for it.” And, he knows that fans are “chomping at the bit for it.”

Mark is thrilled that he was able to partner with Bunim/Murray to develop his idea. He says he is ready to “hit this thing out of the park.”

A number of ‘The Challenge’ OGs have already agreed to return

Mark launched his idea for an OG season on social media. Throughout the process of bringing the project to life, he has also kept fans up-to-date by sharing who he has reached out to.

So far, Mark has recruited two-time winner Eric Nies, three-time winner Landon Lueck, and Extreme Challenge winner Syrus Yarbrough. Mark has also talked to three-time winner Evelyn Smith and two-time winner Susie Meister.

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Another former contestant who has expressed his desire to return to The Challenge is Devin Walker-Molaghan. He told fans on Instagram that rumors of him being blacklisted from the show aren’t true.

He added that he would love to see himself back on the show. He would also like to get a win for “all the normal people out there.” Walker-Molaghan said in his 16-minute video that if he does get the chance to return, he hopes to leave a better mark than he did last time.

A full season of ‘The Challenge’ is difficult for the OGs to commit to

Mark told Us Weekly on their Watch With Us podcast that it’s not easy for the OGs to do a traditional, full season of The Challenge because it requires an eight-week commitment. He said the people he has reached out to have always wanted to come back. But, they had either job or family issues that wouldn’t allow it.

The shooting schedule for the OG season will only take two weeks. Mark wants to take it back to where it was fun and light-hearted, but still competitive. He is sure there will still be some drama. But what is “super special” about it is capturing the “Where are they now?” feel during the first episode.

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“Let’s dig in. Let’s see what they’ve been up to for the last 5, 10, 20 years,” said Mark. “So you also get that nostalgic feel of not only what they’ve been up to, but also, are they ready to put on that Speedo and melt some ice with their assets?

MTV has not yet revealed a premiere date for The Challenge OG project.