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The Challenge rookie Olivia Kaiser quickly hit it off with veteran Nelson Thomas during season 38’s Ride or Dies. However, it appears the two aren’t an item anymore and seemingly ended things on bad terms.

Olivia Kaiser hints that she and Nelson Thomas ended on bad terms

Rookie Olivia Kaiser and Nelson Thomas hit it off when they met while competing in The Challenge: Ride or Dies.

It seemed the two had real feelings for each other, but he opted to save ally Fessy Shafaat over her. She insisted the move didn’t bother her as she wanted him to make the best move for his game, and they apparently made up shortly afterward. However, it didn’t last long, as the couple seemingly ended their romantic fling on bad terms.

When Nelson visited The Challenge Mania podcast, he refused to speak on the situation. On the other hand, Olivia opened up about it during Episode 325. She explained they’re no longer together because he had genuine feelings for her, whereas she didn’t want to get into a serious relationship.

According to the rookie, she cared about him as well but wanted to have fun, so they weren’t on the same page. Olivia also hinted that things might not have ended amicably between them as she explained she wanted to “friendzone” him, but he had different plans. She believes they will dive more into the situation at the upcoming reunion. 

Nelson and Olivia were both in the draw during ‘The Challenge 38’ Episode 8

Olivia and Nelson appeared to have feelings for each other since the beginning of the season.

However, when he and teammate Nurys Mateo became the power couple during episode 4, Nelson nominated her and her partner Horacio Gutiérrez.

He promised to protect her and asked other pairs to save the rookies if they pulled the “safe” dagger. But Olivia and Horacio saved themselves, avoiding their third elimination in a row.

Throughout the next few weeks, Olivia and Nelson continued to get closer, and they began working together when the house divided between the newer players and returning champions. Therefore, they ended up in the draw when veterans Jordan Wiseley and Aneesa Ferreira won the daily mission.

Nelson indirectly put Olivia into elimination

The two avenged Jay Starrett and Michele Fitzgerald by putting them directly into elimination, leaving Moriah Jadea and Fessy, Nelson and Nurys, and Olivia and Horacio in the draw.

Nelson and Nurys pulled the safe dagger, putting Nelson in a difficult position as he had feelings for Olivia but had a longstanding alliance with Fessy.


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Even though Fessy turned on him during Double Agents when he threw himself into elimination against Nelson, hoping to win and switch partners, Nelly T saved him.

The move put Olivia and Horacio into the Zone for the third time, but she insisted she had no hard feelings. According to the rookie, she wanted him to make the best move for his game and didn’t want to rely on him to save her. The Challenge 38: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays on MTV.