‘The Challenge’: Paulie Calafiore ‘Needs to Win’ a Season Before Proposing to Cara Maria Sorbello

The Challenge stars Cara Maria Sorbello and Paulie Calafiore have dated for three years after meeting on Final Reckoning. Although they were once a power couple, the two have yet to return for another season after their War of the Worlds 2 final appearance. In a recent Q&A, Paulie claimed he needed a Challenge win before proposing to his longtime girlfriend.

Paulie Calafiore and Cara Maria Sorbello posing for 'War of the Worlds' cast photos
‘The Challenge’ stars Paulie Calafiore and Cara Maria Sorbello | MTV

Paulie Calafiore says he ‘needs to win’ a season of ‘The Challenge’ before proposing to Cara Maria Sorbello

During a March 2022 Instagram Q&A, a fan asked Paulie Calafiore had any upcoming plans to propose to his girlfriend of three years and The Challenge champ, Cara Maria Sorbello.

Using a picture of him kissing her forehead in a gym, Paulie answered, “need to win a Challenge first. Along with some other goals I’ve aligned for myself this year.”

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One viewer screenshotted his response and shared it to Reddit to discuss with other Challenge fans. Many believe it’s an excuse or ploy to get cast for another season.

Others think he’s waiting for them to return to propose to her during the competition, similar to Jordan Wiseley and Tori Deal.

Paulie and Cara Maria haven’t competed since The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

The reality stars met during Final Reckoning (2018) and began dating in 2019. They competed in both installations of War of the Worlds, the second as more of a power couple, effectively running the house and advancing their alliance to the end.

However, they gassed out during the final, losing to the undersized Team UK, and received backlash from fans. Following their loss, the two announced their break during an episode of US Weekly’s podcast.

While Cara claimed they needed the time off for their “own sanity,” castmate Jemmye Carroll claimed the producers cut Paulie from the cast.

The Big Brother star posted multiple videos to his Instagram account that she claims are classified as threats. Jemmye also noted Cara chose to skip out on the season for her boyfriend. However, they have denied the reports, insisting that seven-time champ and rival Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio blocked them from returning.

They have continued to express interest in competing again

Following their break, the two have stated several times that they are ready to compete again on their social media accounts.

In a March 2021 Instagram Q&A posted halfway through Double Agents, a fan asked the Battle of the Bloodlines champ if she planned to return. Cara responded with, “my phone is on,” seemingly implying that producers have yet to reach out to her but would return if contacted.

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Paulie and Cara have continued to talk about the ongoing seasons and their castmates, pointing out how they feel their storylines are faked. The two have promised to bring actual gameplay for the fans, who have begun to complain about the longstanding competition series.

Paulie has also called out several competitors, including multi-season champ Derrick Kosinski. It’s unclear why Cara and Paulie, who were once regular faces, haven’t returned to the series and if they ever will. The Challenge airs on MTV.