‘The Challenge’: Paulie Calafiore’s Instagram Video Is Making Some Fans Notice His Tattoo of Cara Maria Sorbello

MTV’s The Challenge has graced the small screen for over two decades, and some contestants continue to return season after season for their chance at the big money. Cara Maria Sorbello is a veteran player we’ve been watching for years. And while she’s a major physical threat in eliminations and finals, she never had the easiest time making friends.

With that said, she’s found lasting companionship with Paulie Calafiore. Their relationship started rocky, but they appear to be a solid couple. And they even went on another reality show toward the beginning of their relationship to get tattoos that the other picked out for them.

Now, Calafiore is showing off his physique on the beach — and some of his followers are asking about the tattoo. Here’s what they’re saying and what ink he has to commemorate Sorbello.

Paulie Calafiore and Cara Maria Sorbello took a trip to The Bahamas together

Calafiore and Sorbello met through The Challenge: Final Reckoning, but it wasn’t an easy relationship at first. When Calafiore first started seeing Sorbello, he was still involved with his girlfriend back home, Danielle Maltby. And Maltby came forward to the press to express her anguish and disappointment, as Calafiore told her he was still all-in on their relationship despite the connection he had with Sorbello.

Calafiore and Sorbello briefly broke up after this. But by 2019, they were back on and making things work — though some fans wondered if they broke up at the end of the year given how little they posted about each other to Instagram.

Sorbello’s Instagram Story while in The Bahamas seemed to prove she and Calafiore are just fine, however. While the happy couple hasn’t posted photos of each other, Sorbello featured Calafiore in her Story, as they both traveled together to the same resort and seemed to have a blast.

They got tattoos on ‘How Far Is Tattoo Far?’

Those who’ve kept up with The Challenge know Sorbello and Calafiore were quite obsessed with each other when their relationship first began. And they trusted each other so much that they allowed the other to make tattoo decisions for themselves.

MTV notes at the end of 2018, Sorbello and Calafiore went on How Far Is Tattoo Far? And Calafiore chose to give Sorbello a tattoo of a crow with a red heart on her ribs.

“I wanted to make sure it was flying, symbolic of how you like to be free and how I like to keep you free so that you never want to leave me,” Calafiore told her. And Sorbello loved it, of course.

After the tattoo reveal, Calafiore also gave Sorbello insight into his true feelings. “Even though we like to tiptoe around a lot of things, I wanted to tell you that I loved you,” he added.

Some are asking about Calafiore’s tattoo Sorbello chose for him

Paulie Calafiore on 'Watch What Happens Live'
Paulie Calafiore on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Sorbello chose a tattoo on How Far Is Tattoo Far? for Calafiore, too — and hers was much more daring. Calafiore now has Sorbello’s cast photo from Dirty 30 inked on his right thigh, complete with fiery red hair and all.

“I did say, in jest, I said, ‘that’s a hot picture. I would totally get this tattooed on me,'” Calafiore said on the show.

Overall, he didn’t seem too thrilled with the ink. But now it’s a part of him forever — and some of his Instagram followers are asking him about it.

“Where’s the tattoo Cara gave you,” one follower questioned on Calafiore’s Instagram video of him on the beaches of The Bahamas.

To that, another follower answered, “it’s there. He just changed it a bit. He made the hair dark and gave the girl bangs it looks like.”

And another asked, “do u have a tattoo of Cara on ur leg?? Please answer!!”

While it’s hard to tell where the tattoo is in the video, we doubt Calafiore had it removed. Like one follower said, it may be altered, but it’s surely there. But we don’t expect Calafiore to get any more ink of Sorbello in the future.

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