‘The Challenge’ Season 36: Everything We Know About ‘Double Agents’

Filming is reportedly underway for season 36 of MTV’s popular reality competition series The Challenge. Details have started to emerge about the upcoming season, which will be titled, Double Agents. Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming season, minus major spoilers.

The Challenge Double Agents
Stars from ‘The Challenge’ | Lars Niki/Getty Images for MTV

‘The Challenge: Double Agents’ will be played in male/female pairs, with individual eliminations

According to Fandom, reliable insiders PinkRose and Gamer on Vevmo and @jaychallenge on Twitter have revealed a ton of info about season 36. They report that the upcoming season will take place in Reykjavík, Iceland. It will be played in male/female pairs, with individual male and female elimination days. After the opening challenge, the 30 cast members immediately chose teams.

The male cast members are Chris “CT” Tamburello, Cory Wharton (Teen Mom and Real World), Darrell Taylor (Road Rules), Demetrius “Mechie” Harris (Ex on the Beach), Devin Walker (Ex on the Beach), Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat (Big Brother), Joseph Allen (America’s Got Talent), Josh Martinez (Big Brother), Jay Starrett (Survivor), Leroy Garrett (Real World), Kyle Christie (Geordie Shore), Lionel “Lio Rush” Green (WWE), Nam Vo (Ultimate Beastmaster), Nelson Thomas (Are You the One?), and Wes Bergmann (Real World).

The female cast members are Amber Borzotra (Big Brother), Amber Martinez (Are You The One?), Aneesa Ferreira (Real World), Ashley Mitchell (Real World), Gabriella “Gabby” Allen (Love Island UK and Celebrity Big Brother UK), Kaycee Clark (Big Brother), Lolo Jones (Olympian and Celebrity Big Brother U.S.), Malkamito “Kam” Willaims (Are You The One?), Natalie Anderson (The Amazing Race and Survivor), Nicole Zanatta (Real World), Nany Gonzalez (Real World), Olivia “Liv” Jawando (Shipwrecked UK), Theresa Jones (The Challenge), Tula “Big T” Fazakerley (Shipwrecked UK), and Tori Deal (Are You The One?).

Season 36 will see the return of the Red Skulls

According to Heavy, The Challenge: Double Agents will reportedly see the Red Skulls back in play. There will also be no tribunal. Instead, the winning pair will vote a team into the elimination, and the house will vote in opponents. The eliminations are played as individuals, and voting is anonymous. But, the winners of the challenge will be able to see everyone’s vote.

When a player is left without a partner, they become “Rogue Agents.” They won’t be able to compete in an elimination until they get a new partner. The elimination winners have three options. They can choose a new partner, opt for a rogue agent, or they can stay with their teammate.

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The original pairs on The Challenge: Double Agents are:

  • Amber B. & Darrell
  • Amber M. & Nelson
  • Aneesa & Fessy
  • Ashley & CT
  • Big T & Joseph
  • Cory & Tori
  • Devin & Nicole
  • Gabby & Lio Rush
  • Jay & Theresa
  • Josh & Kam
  • Kaycee & Leroy
  • Kyle & Nany
  • Liv & Mechie
  • Lolo & Nam
  • Natalie & Wes

‘The Challenge: Double Agents’ will have plenty of drama

According to the insiders, there will be no shortage of drama on The Challenge: Double Agents. When teams were immediately chosen both Ashley and Kam ran to CT. He chose to team up with Ashley, and this decision reportedly sparks a rivalry between Kam and Ashley.

Amber M. is the “hookup queen” of season 36. She also gets into it with Liv over Mechie and security had to step in. It should also be noted that the cast is not staying in a bunker this season. Because the pandemic is keeping them inside, they are living in a house with an open bar.

Insiders also reveal that Ashley is the first female eliminated from the competition. But, she later returns to the game after some surprising disqualifications.

The cast and crew are expected to wrap filming in late October or early November. And even though MTV has not announced a premiere date for The Challenge: Double Agents, it will most likely happen in early 2021.