‘The Challenge’ Season 37: CT Tamburello Was Trying to Make Secret Deals That Fans Never Saw on TV


  • CT Tamburello had The Challenge blues on Spies, Lies, and Allies.
  • Fans didn’t see CT trying to make secret deals on The Challenge season 37.
  • Will season 37 be his last?
The Challenge  CT Tamburello arrives for Headrush/Forgiven official after party
‘The Challenge’ champ, CT Tamburello | Steven Lawton/WireImage/Getty Images

The Challenge season 37 is getting close to the finals, and CT Tamburello is close to another victory. But are fans seeing all of the four-time winner’s gameplay on Spies, Lies, and Allies? According to Tori Deal, CT was trying to make secret deals that fans never saw on TV.

CT Tamburello had ‘The Challenge’ blues on ‘Spies, Lies, and Allies’

During the nominations in a recent episode of The Challenge, team Emerald was deciding who to vote in, when CT said that it was “no secret” that he had a “solid case of the Challenge blues for the last couple of days.” He then said that he wanted to stay on Sapphire because he felt he had done a lot to keep the veteran alliance going.

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“I came to the conclusion that I’m just being stupid, getting my head in the game,” CT said. “If you guys could respect an old man’s wishes and leave me with the misfits, loners, and outcasts, I’d appreciate it.”

Fans were surprised by CT Tamburello’s confessional

After CT admitted to the others that he had the “Challenge blues,” he said in his confessional that he needed to “snap out of it.”

“Stop being a mope, get off your a**, get your head in the game, alright? I’m not going anywhere,” CT said.

This all came as a surprise to viewers because MTV didn’t show any footage of CT dealing with his “Challenge blues” before his comments during the nominations. During a recap of the episode on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, Tori Deal said fans didn’t see what CT was trying to do behind the scenes.

Fans didn’t see CT Tamburello trying to make secret deals on ‘The Challenge’ season 37

Tori told Aneesa Ferreira that fans were probably confused by CT’s nomination speech because they didn’t see everything that was going on.

“What happened was, when Kyle [Christie] switched over to Sapphire and CT realized that he lost Ed [Eason] and Nelson [Thomas], CT was like ‘Oh sh*t, my team sucks,’” Tori explained.

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“CT was going around to Emerald and was asking to be thrown into elimination so that way he could come to Emerald and steal one of our players’ spots. You don’t even see any of that. CT’s name was going around.”

Keeping a low profile on ‘Spies, Lies, and Allies’

There’s no doubt that CT was prepared for season 37. He ditched his dad bod after winning Double Agents. And it appears that the veteran player is employing the same strategy he used on War of the Worlds 2. At least, when it comes to keeping a low profile.

Instead of making the big power moves, CT has let other players take care of that and kept the target off his back. He’s also building a strong team to run the final, for a better shot at winning. The champ has put himself in a fantastic position for another Challenge win.

Will ‘The Challenge’ season 37 be his last?

CT is already a Challenge legend. And if he wins again, many fans are wondering if he will retire from the MTV reality competition. CT is 41 and has competed on the show for more than a decade. He’s also reportedly acting in a movie called The Most Dangerous Game — a reimagining of the 1920s short story. Some fans think this could be it for CT for a while, if not for good.

“That’s great but means we won’t see him for a while (or ever given his age),” a Reddit user noted. “Can’t risk getting hurt doing any Challenges before filming, and depending on the shots, filming can lock him out for six-nine months. This might be the end of the legend.”

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“Good for him,” another Reddit user noted. “But also without him, Wes [Bergmann], or Johnny [Devenanzio], I am really concerned about what comes next for The Challenge. I care very little for the current class of vets.”

The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies airs Wednesday nights on MTV.