‘The Challenge’ Season 37 Elimination Spoilers: Which ‘Big Brother’ Cast Member Makes it the Furthest?

MTV’s The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies proved the veterans had a great strategy at the beginning of the game — but some alliances fell apart quicker than others. At the start of the season, the veterans stuck together to pick off the rookie players one by one. And the Big Brother alliance also seemed tight. So, which Big Brother member from The Challenge Season 37 cast makes it the furthest in the game? Here are The Challenge Season 37 elimination spoilers.

[Spoiler alert: The Challenge Season 37 elimination spoilers and winner ahead.]

The ‘Big Brother’ alliance started strong in ‘The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies’

'The Challenge' Season 37 cast member Josh Martinez in the 'Big Brother' house. 'The Challenge' Season 37 elimination spoilers note Josh doesn't make it to the final
‘The Challenge’ Season 37 cast member Josh Martinez in the ‘Big Brother’ house | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

The Big Brother alliance is relatively new to MTV’s The Challenge, but the alliance seemed to have a solid plan going into The Challenge Season 37. The alliance consisted of veteran players Josh Martinez, Fessy Shafaat, Amber Borzotra, and Kaycee Clark. There were a few rookie players from international versions of Big Brother on Spies, Lies, and Allies as well. But the alliance hoped to pick off all rookies at all costs, no matter what show they originated from.

Unfortunately, like all great alliances, the Big Brother alliance fell apart. Amber felt betrayed when Fessy sent her into The Lair in the hopes of getting her eliminated. She made it through elimination and came back into the house with a vengeance. This destroyed the alliance as fans knew it, as Amber and Fessy officially knew where the other stood. Ultimately, a fight between Amber and Fessy led to a fight between Fessy and Josh, and Fessy was disqualified for getting physical with Josh.

‘The Challenge’ Season 37 elimination spoilers: Which ‘Big Brother’ player goes the furthest?

Kaycee Clark from MTV's 'The Challenge' Season 37 lying on a bed in 'Big Brother.' 'The Challenge' Season 37 elimination spoilers note Kaycee Clark wins.
Kaycee Clark in ‘Big Brother’ | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

One Big Brother player makes it all the way to the end and wins, according to The Challenge Season 37 elimination spoilers. The Challenge Season 37 winner for the women is Kaycee, according to Reddit. It seems she’s able to navigate the ups and downs of her alliance to best benefit her and get her all the way through to the end. Additionally, her alliance with girlfriend Nany González likely helped give her another close ally. Kaycee managed to evade eliminations all season long.

As stated previously, Fessy was disqualified from the competition. Amber gets eliminated when she competes alongside Jeremiah White against Bettina Buchanan and Cory Wharton. Josh enters The Lair late in the competition and gets eliminated by fellow veteran player Kyle Christie prior to the final.

Will ‘The Challenge’ Season 37 cast members from ‘Big Brother’ stick together in the future?

Is there any chance the Big Brother crew will stick together in the future after The Challenge Season 37? We imagine there’s no chance for a reconciliation between Amber and Fessy. Amber felt extremely betrayed by Fessy after going into the competition with mixed feelings after season 36. But it seems like Josh and Fessy patched up their relationship and will work together in the future.

As for Kaycee, it seems she’ll likely work with Josh and Fessy again, though she may keep Amber at arm’s length. Prior to Spies, Lies, and Allies beginning, she mentioned she’s OK with doing away with the alliance completely, too.

“I was telling Josh and Fes, let’s dead this Big Brother alliance,” Kaycee said in a clip. ” … I think a lot of people, it’s easy for them to put a name on our group and call us Big Brother alliance. Nah, we can’t be the center of attention. For my safety in this game, we’re gonna have to throw this Big Brother alliance under the rug.”

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