‘The Challenge’ Season 37: Fessy Shafaat’s Game Is Not the Only Thing That Got ‘Messy’ — So Did His Love Life

The Challenge season 37 saw the return of Big Brother alliance member Fessy Shafaat. Spies, Lies, and Allies marked Fessy’s third season on the MTV reality competition after he finished in fourth place on both Total Madness and Double Agents.

But Fessy’s game got “messy” in season 37 — and so did his love life.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies

Fessy Shafaat from MTV's 'The Challenge' Season 37 lying on a bed on 'Big Brother'
‘The Challenge’ and ‘Big Brother’ star Fessy Shafaat | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Fessy Shafaat was not happy Amber Borzotra showed up in ‘The Challenge’ season 37

In episode 2 of Spies, Lies, and Allies, Lauren Coogan from Love Island was removed from the competition prior to the Heli Heist challenge. Showing up as her replacement was Fessy’s fellow Big Brother alum Amber Borzotra, who won Double Agents as a rookie with CT Tamburello.

Not everyone was happy with this turn of events, most notably Fessy. The duo had some serious drama in season 36 as part of the Big Brother alliance (with Josh and Kaycee Clark). But Fessy kicked things up another notch in Spies, Lies, and Allies episode 4.

Fessy’s game got so “messy” that’s literally the title that producers gave the episode. But Amber somehow thought Fessy was “genuine” in the new season, and claimed to see growth in the former college football player.

Fessy wanted to send Amber home on ‘Spies, Lies, and Allies’

After Fessy and his partner, Esther, won the daily challenge, they became the agency. This gave them the power to send in one man and one woman to face the pair that the house voted into elimination. Fessy was committed to his plan to send in Amber, despite the fact that this dirty move would damage both the veterans alliance and the Big Brother alliance.

Fessy’s fellow Big Brother alum Josh Martinez tried to change his mind, but Fessy argued that Amber didn’t have his back like she does Josh. When the time came for Fessy to name the woman he was sending into elimination, Josh could tell before Amber’s name came out of Fessy’s mouth that something wasn’t right.

“Don’t do it,” Josh interrupts. “Change your vote.”

Two ‘Big Brother’ alums got into it in a ‘messy’ episode of ‘The Challenge’ season 37

As Fessy and Josh start exchanging words, Amber chimes in to tell Fessy she believed him when he said he wanted to work on trust. But everything quickly turned into a mess when Fessy and Josh started yelling at each other.

“If he does this move tonight, Big Brother, that whole alliance, I’m done. It’s over,” Josh decides.

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“A vet-on-vet crime is being committed, and I have never seen an alliance implode like that in my life,” Tori Deal added.

Security eventually had to step in and host TJ Lavin put an end to the fighting. Fessy then proceeded to vote in Amber, with the support of his partner Esther. That’s when Amber noted, “Fessy is still messy, y’all.”

The dirty move will keep Fessy Shafaat from making the finals

Fans are waiting to see what the fallout will be from Fessy’s dirty move. And if spoiler account PinkRose on Vevmo is correct, it will eventually lead to his disqualification. Fessy and Josh just yelled at each other in episode four. But things will eventually turn physical.

After the two get into a fight, Fessy will reportedly be disqualified and sent home before the finals. But before he does, he apparently has plenty of time to connect with three different women.

Did the ‘Big Brother’ alum hookup with three different women during ‘The Challenge’ season 37?

Aside from his messy gameplay, Fessy was reportedly very single and ready to mingle during season 37. On Challenge Aftermath, Fessy and Michele Fitzgerald sparked rumors they were an item when they allegedly booked a hotel room together for their appearance. But they both claimed to be just friends.

“Fessy’s like an appetizer at Thanksgiving. You just pass him around. Everybody just takes a piece, and you pass it along. You don’t want too much of it,” Michele said.

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Amanda Garcia was also on Aftermath with Fessy and Michele, and she made it clear she hooked up with Fessy at a recent event in Dallas.

“I humped him and I dumped him,” Amanda said. “I think Fessy’s messy. I think that he’s a reality TV boy. You know I think that a lot of them just like to d*** around and [it’s] not what I’m looking for.”

Amanda also hinted on Twitter that Fessy had a hookup with rookie Bettina Buchanan during season 37. During episode four she tweeted, “Fessy didn’t wanna say Bettina’s name for another reason…”

New episodes of The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies air Wednesdays on MTV.