‘The Challenge’ Season 37 Reportedly Halted Filming

MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents is officially over, and fans are excited to hear what’s happening with season 37. So far, MTV hasn’t officially announced anything about the new season yet, but rumors suggest production is already underway. Unfortunately, there are whispers that production has temporarily ceased. Here’s what’s going on.

‘The Challenge’ Season 37 rumors suggest filming has temporarily stopped

Rory Kramer and Johnny 'Bananas' Devenanzio from MTV's 'The Challenge' holding Ashley Mitchell up in the air on a surfboard on the beach
Rory Kramer, Ashley Mitchell, and Johnny ‘Bananas’ Devenanzio from MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ | Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for MTV

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While production for MTV’s The Challenge hasn’t given any indication that the new season is already filming, fans seem to be in the know. There are plenty of rumors and theories circulating regarding who’s on The Challenge Season 37, what the theme could be, and where the new season is located. But it seems there may be a few hiccups in filming.

According to a Reddit thread, production temporarily ceased starting on April 26, 2021. It seems the halt is due to following coronavirus (COVID-19) safety protocols. While the exact situation is unclear, it seems likely a cast member or a member of the crew may have gotten coronavirus while filming. If a cast member is the one to contract the virus, it’s likely the crew will bring in an alternate to replace them and compete for the rest of the season.

“I said this in the spoiler thread but I definitely think with successfully filming 2 shows during COVID, they got lax with protocols,” a Reddit user noted. “I’m very interested to see how this plays out.”

MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ producer explained what happens for their coronavirus protocol

While an unfortunate situation may be actively occurring with filming MTV’s The Challenge Season 37, producers are prepared for anything. Showrunner Emer Harkin spoke to Variety about the strict protocol they go through to ensure everyone’s health and safety on the show, including during a pandemic.

“For everybody [in the cast], it was about getting [their] head wrapped around [the new] steps that would get us to the show, and then once they were in the house they could proceed as normal,” Harkin explained. “By ensuring they were all in quarantine and all had negative [COVID test] results, it meant we could afford ourselves that position. There was really no way we could execute our show otherwise.”

Harkin further noted the cast was treated as their own “bubble,” and local crew members were kept separate from the rest of the cast and crew.

“We basically treated our cast as one person: We had them all in quarantine and rigorously tested so we knew when they entered the cast house they were all healthy and well,” Harkin added.

So, what would happen if someone did test positive? If the positive test came at the start of the season, an alternate would take that player’s place. If the positive test came mid-season, that player would go home, and their dismissal would be addressed on the show. “We couldn’t keep people there for months on end, just waiting,” Harkin noted.

Who is part of the season 37 cast?

So, who can we anticipate seeing on MTV’s The Challenge Season 37? Many Double Agents players will try their hand at winning the big money. Aneesa Ferriera, Ashley Mitchell, Big T Fazakerley, Cory Wharton, Devin Walker, Fessy Shafaat, Josh Martinez, Kaycee Clark, Kyle Christie, Nam Vo, Nelson Thomas, and Tori Deal are all rumored to return. Additionally, season 36 winners CT Tamburello and Amber Borzotra look like they’re coming back.

Unfortunately, Leroy Garrett made it clear season 36 was his last. While he made it to the final and proved he could play a cutthroat game all the way to the end, he stated he’s totally done with the show and ready to move on. His girlfriend, Kam Williams, aka “Killer Kam,” will likely continue to compete, though.

We’re excited to see what’s in store for season 37, and we’re hoping all of the cast and crew are safe and healthy.

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