‘The Challenge’ Season 37 Spoilers: Which Team Becomes ‘The Agency’ and Who’s Disqualified Week 2

MTV’s The Challenge Season 37 viewers are in for plenty of twists and turns throughout the season. In the first episode, we already saw Nam Vo have to leave the competition early — and there are a number of rumored disqualifications to come. Here are The Challenge Season 37 spoilers about a potential episode 2 disqualification, as well as which team becomes “The Agency” during week two.

[Spoiler alert: ‘The Challenge’ Season 37 spoilers ahead for episode 2.]

‘The Challenge’ Season 37 spoilers: This team reportedly becomes The Agency week 2

A close-up of CT Tamburello from MTV's 'The Challenge' Season 37
CT Tamburello from MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Aneesa Ferreira and Logan Sampedro teamed up right from the beginning of the season, and they dominated in the first challenge. Those who’ve kept up with MTV’s The Challenge over the years know Aneesa is a force to be reckoned with, as she’s played the game since 2014. Logan, a rookie from Survivor Spain, chose her as his partner initially, which appears to pay off, as they controlled the game from the start. They’re headed into week 2 of season 37 as partners.

So, who dominates the game in week two? According to The Challenge Season 37 spoilers on Reddit, Berna Canbeldek and CT Tamburello become “The Agency,” which is great for the veteran players. The veterans are already proving they’re working well this season, as they came in with a solid plan to stick together despite their differences. While the rookies outnumber the vets, the rookies already started to turn on each other in episode 1.

CT seems in a good position to continue to dominate the series. As for Berna, she’s a tough competitor from Survivor Turkey who should continue sticking with CT if possible.

Who gets disqualified? Reports claim Lauren Coogan will leave with little explanation

MTV’s The Challenge Season 37 spoilers note we may see quite a few disqualifications along the way. And it seems one might happen during episode 2.

According to Reddit, Lauren Coogan from Love Island 2 was on the first episode of the season, but viewers barely saw her, as production edited her out. Now, going into episode 2, it seems she may be leaving the show completely. Reports claim production allegedly removed her from the game after she said insensitive remarks to Aneesa.

“Lauren’s DQ isn’t being mentioned or explained on the episode,” spoiler guru PinkRose explained on Vevmo, according to Reddit.

“In the new preview clip with Ed [Eason] and Nelson [Thomas], Nelson mentions them having a party, so we may see some footage of the party where the Lauren vs. Aneesa situation happened even if they are editing Lauren vs. Aneesa out,” another Reddit user guessed.

Does Amber Borzotra enter ‘The Challenge’ Season 37 cast during week 2?

When Nam Vo went home, Ed Eason from The Circle took his place. So, who will take Lauren’s place? Multiple reports from The Challenge Season 37 spoiler accounts claim Amber Borzotra, the winner of season 36, takes Lauren’s place. The trailer for the new season also seems to confirm Amber comes back this season.

Will Amber reenter the game during episode 2? Given what we know, it makes sense to assume that’s exactly when she’ll come back. This also spells bad news for the rookies on the show, as Amber is more likely to work with the veteran players, particularly CT, her partner she won with last season.

We look forward to seeing what happens on MTV’s The Challenge Season 37 on Aug. 18, 2021.

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