‘The Challenge’ Season 37: Tori Deal Said She Thought About Quitting the Show ‘More Recently Now Than Ever’

MTV’s The Challenge Season 37 winners have officially been crowned. Kaycee Clark and CT Tamburello took home the money, but the other finalists also took home some cash. And Tori Deal was moments away from winning her first final. Recently, she spoke about her experience on Spies, Lies, and Allies, including some of the hate she receives online. And she even admitted she considered quitting the show.

Tori Deal was seconds away from becoming ‘The Challenge’ Season 37 winner

Tori Deal from MTV's 'The Challenge' Season 37 smiling with Ashley Kelsey as they attend SiriusXM's 'Dial Up The Moment' Pop-Up Performance
Ashley Kelsey and Tori Deal attend SiriusXM’s ‘Dial Up The Moment’ Pop-Up Performance | Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Tori Deal fought hard during MTV’s The Challenge Season 37. While she had a few moments she regretted, like rooting for Emanuel Neagu to win an elimination against her friend, Devin Walker, she still made it to the final with allies by her side. And she nearly won the $500,000 cash prize — though Kaycee Clark and CT Tamburello edged her out.

Tori spoke to Allan Aguire via Medium regarding her time on the season. “This season, I literally went on and I was like, you know what, whatever happens, happens,” she explained. “I’ve already dealt with incredible wins. I’ve dealt with really hard losses. I’m just going to go in there and be way more humbled than I had been the last two seasons.”

She also said Kaycee Clark, The Challenge Season 37 winner, is one of the best to ever compete. “She is still in my opinion, one of the best female competitors to ever touch the show,” Tori admitted.

Tori Deal said she considered quitting the show after receiving internet hate

There’s no doubt Tori Deal was one of the strongest competitors on MTV’s The Challenge Season 37. But she receives a lot of internet hate for the way she acts on the show. During an interview with the Challenge Mania podcast, she said the hate got so bad she considered quitting the show completely.

“It comes to a point in my life … where it’s like, OK, has it come to a point where it’s too much now and I need to step away and take a break because I can’t handle it?” Tori started. “Or do I reassess and say, ‘You know what, those people who don’t like me, they’re not the reason that I’m doing this anyway.’ I’m taking a lot of this money, I’m trying to help my family … I’m not trying to use this platform to stunt on my haters.”

“That question to leave the show and take a break always comes up in my mind, and more recently now than ever,” she added.

Tori then noted there aren’t a lot of resources for reality TV stars and mental health. “I don’t think there’s a lot of support in this for people like us,” she added. “We really have to find it ourselves. I’m just constantly looking for it. Like I said, I try to be as mindful as possible.”

Will Tori Deal join ‘The Challenge’ Season 38 cast?

With Tori Deal at odds with some fans who watched MTV’s The Challenge Season 37, where does that leave her for future seasons? Will she join The Challenge Season 38 cast?

Given what Tori shared, it’s likely she’ll return if she gets a callback from MTV. And Challenge spoiler accounts suggest production already started calling back a ton of past contestants. Given how well she performs in the show and all of her interpersonal relationships with others who compete, we’d be surprised if she didn’t return.

The Challenge Season 38 will reportedly begin filming in March 2022.

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