‘The Challenge’ Season 37: Twist Splits Players Into 3 Teams, Fans Suggest

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  • The Challenge Season 37 spoilers: Two veteran players went against each other in the most recent elimination
  • Fans think The Challenge Season 37 cast members will now divide into three teams of different colors
  • The two winners of The Challenge Season 37

[Spoiler alert: MTV’s The Challenge Season 37 elimination spoilers head, plus the winners of the season.]

Devin Walker, a MTV's 'The Challenge' Season 37 cast member, talking into a microphone
Devin Walker from MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ Season 37 | Lars Niki/Getty Images for MTV

As MTV’s The Challenge Season 37, Spies, Lies, and Allies, continues on, the veteran players find themselves turning on each other. The beginning of the game showed the dominance of the all-veteran alliance. But now, the tables have turned. And fans anticipate even more twists and turns to come, as they found clues suggesting the remaining players split into three teams to compete.

MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ Season 37 veteran cast members are now turning on each other to win

The Challenge Season 37 cast initially had more rookie cast members than veteran players. But the veteran players turned everything around with their all-veteran alliance. Through the first eight episodes of the season, the veterans dominated and consistently threw in rookie-rookie pairs.

However, everything changed during episode 9. Priscilla Anyabu and Jeremiah White beat Berna Canbeldek and Hughie Maughan in an elimination round. And Priscilla broke up the veteran alliance by choosing veteran player Josh Martinez as her partner, ridding the game of rookie-rookie pairs.

Now, the remainder of the game is bound to get cutthroat. And The Challenge Season 37 spoilers suggest future eliminations will feature plenty of veteran players. In episode 9, Amber Borzotra and Jeremiah White compete, and lose, against Bettina Buchanan and Cory Wharton.

Fans think ‘Spies, Lies, and Allies’ will take on a ‘Cutthroat’ twist

More twists are coming in Spies, Lies, and Allies. The Challenge Season 37 spoilers on Reddit note one-on-one eliminations begin after episode 9, but that’s not all. Now, fans suspect the season will take on a Cutthroat approach.

In The Challenge: Cutthroat, players were divided into three teams. Three players were selected as team captains, and from there, they selected who they wanted on their teams. The teams then competed in challenges, and the winning team was safe from elimination. The other two teams chose players to go into elimination.

Eagle-eyed fans think The Challenge Season 37 will now take on this team format. “I believe the twist will lead to the format changing to a three-team format (Cutthroat),” a Reddit user guessed. “This is because if you look through the super trailer, there are people wearing red, green, and blue armbands.”

The Reddit user then guessed the future teams. They suggested the red team will have Big T, Bettina, Priscilla, Cory, Logan, and Nelson. The green team will have Kaycee, Nany, Tori, Devin, Josh, and Emanuel. And the blue team will have Ashley, Amanda, Emy, CT, Ed, and Kyle.

‘The Challenge’ Season 37 spoilers: Who’s the winner of the season?

MTV's 'The Challenge' Season 37 star CT Tamburello and Wes Bergmann laughing together at 'The Challenge' reunion
CT Tamburello and Wes Bergmann at ‘The Challenge’ reunion | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

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So, who takes home the grand prize in Spies, Lies, and Allies? According to The Challenge Season 37 spoilers, two notable veterans take the win — and they are CT Tamburello and Kaycee Clark.

Spoilers note neither of these vets gets sent into elimination rounds, either, so their social game must stay strong throughout the entirety of the game. CT tends to stay out of the drama and spotlight to fade into the background and get to the final. And Kaycee has a number of allies. Her Big Brother alliance stayed strong through a number of eliminations in the beginning, and her other alliance with Nany may help her get to the end.

MTV’s The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.

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