‘The Challenge’ Season 38: 1 Former Champ’s Ego Is Rubbing Both Vets and Rookies the Wrong Way

The Challenge Season 38 has officially wrapped filming in Argentina, and the theme is reportedly “Ride or Die.” This means that Challenge vets will be paired with a friend, family member, or significant other to compete for the $1 million prize. But rumor has it that one cast member — who also happens to be a former champ — has an ego that rubbed everyone the wrong way.

Warning: Possible Challenge: Ride or Die spoilers ahead!

The Challenge Season 38 will feature champions Darrell Taylor and Johnny Bananas entering late — with pictured here with some of their former cast mates
Current and former cast members of ‘The Challenge’ | Lars Niki/Getty Images for MTV

‘The Challenge’ Season 38 had a number of last-minute cast changes

All of The Challenge: Ride or Die cast members and alternates went into quarantine on May 22, but some positive COVID tests — and some rumored drama — ended up delaying production. Filming finally got underway in mid-June and wrapped on July 28. But to make that happen, a number of cast changes had to be made.

According to spoiler account GamerVev, War of the Worlds winner Turabi “Turbo” Çamkiran and his “girlfriend” Tamara Alfaro were last-minute replacements for Emy Alupei and Emanuel Neugu. 

They reportedly cut Emy because of a performance on Romania’s X-Factor where she said the N-word multiple times. And because Emanuel was her partner, he was cut too.

Turbo Çamkiran’s ego rubbed both vets and rookies the wrong way

Turbo’s return to The Challenge was a bit of a surprise because of who he brought with him to compete. Turbo brought Tamara Alfaro, claiming she was his girlfriend. But internet chatter has made it clear that Turbo isn’t in a relationship, and Tamara’s boyfriend’s name is Sean Azari.

Not only did Turbo and Tamara enter the game with a fake relationship, but Turbo also came in with a big ego. And it ended up rubbing some rookies and vets the wrong way. 

“He was also very intimidating and sucks at the politics, which is why he’s been targeted early,” revealed spoiler account PinkRose.

Yes, Turbo made his debut in War of the Worlds and became the sole winner as a rookie. But that wasn’t a reason to come in hot during season 38, and it ended up costing him. Internet spoilers claim that Turbo and Tamara were the second team eliminated — and it was Horacio Gutiérrez and Olivia Kaiser who did it.

Turbo teased his return to ‘The Challenge’ on social media

Before The Challenge Season 38 began filming in May, fans suspected that Turbo was coming back for the first time since his disqualification in War of the Worlds 2. After becoming the record holder for the most money won in a single season by a male contestant — winning $750,000 on War of the Worlds — Turbo entered WOTW2 as a Reinforcement. But he was disqualified prior to the “Incoming” challenge due to multiple altercations with Jordan Wiseley — who is also part of the season 38 cast.

Even though he will only be in the game for a couple of episodes, it was long enough for him to beef with Laurel Stucky. She is also returning to The Challenge for the first time since War of the Worlds.

The Challenge: Ride or Die will premiere later this fall on MTV.

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