‘The Challenge’: Sophia Pasquis Thinks Ayanna Mackins Tried to ‘Sabotage Me Mentally’

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for The Challenge: All Stars Season 2 Episode 3.]

Previously aligned during The Challenge: Battle of the Sexes 2, Sophia Pasquis and Ayanna Mackins returned 16 years later for All Stars Season 2 initially on the same page. However, they had a disagreement that spiraled, seemingly resulting in the end of a friendship. The former finalist recently admitted she felt hurt by Ayanna attempting to mentally “sabotage” her and opened up on where she currently stands with the reality star.

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Ayanna Mackins and Sophia Pasquis got into an emotional argument during ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ Season 2

Episode 3 highlighted a disagreement between Battle of the Sexes 2 allies Ayanna Mackins and Sophia Pasquis when the former attempted to braid the latter’s hair.

Sophia felt Ayanna didn’t listen to her when she expressed she didn’t want a particular design, leading to an argument that brought Sophia to tears. She emotionally explained why she felt triggered to Jonna Mannion, describing her past as an immigrant from Haiti with the style of braid in her hair.

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The former finalist also noted others bullied her and felt the design brought her back to the moment. Later, they competed in a daily mission in two separate teams, and the two were on the losing team.

When allowed to select who would go into elimination that night, Ayanna quickly settled on Sophia, sarcastically claiming she “gave her a gift.” In a confessional, the three-time competitor admitted she no longer trusted Sophia, which factored into her decision.

Sophia explains why the braiding incident with Ayanna ‘triggered’ her

Following her elimination, Sophia detailed the deterioration of her relationship with the former ally in an interview with EW.

According to the Battle of the Sexes 2 finalist, Ayanna got annoyed with her off-camera during a prom they had in a previous episode, and they agreed to communicate better if it happened again.

Before explaining their blowup, she gave background information, noting she began unpacking her “childhood conditioning and traumas” prior to filming. When the braiding incident happened, she said she believed it acted as another “trigger” for her that emotionally sent her “over the edge.”

The Challenge star continued, noting she “released it” and got it out of her system through tears. Following the situation, Sophia admitted it felt “f—— great” and claimed she later told Ayanna that the reaction didn’t have anything to do with her.

She said they’ll likely only speak again if Ayanna reaches out to her

According to the former finalist, the two stopped talking after the situation. She also claimed her former ally played mind games with her by wearing a shirt to support her rivals during the elimination.

Although Sophia noted it didn’t “faze” her due to her background in collegiate sports, she did take note that Ayanna attempted to “sabotage me mentally.”

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The eliminated All Star said the two haven’t yet spoken, and she doesn’t think they’ll have a relationship unless Ayanna initiates it. While Sophia admitted her former ally seemingly turning on her did make her angry, she claimed she’s “made peace with it.”

Referring to Ayanna throwing her into elimination as “foul” and “cold,” Sophia claimed, “you only get me once. Now that I’m awake, it only takes me once to learn a lesson.” The Challenge: All Stars airs Thursdays on Paramount+.