‘The Challenge’ Star Tori Deal on Why She Joined OnlyFans: ‘I Was Like F— It’

The Challenge star Tori Deal recently joined the “exclusive” content sharing platform, OnlyFans. She later explained what led up to her decision to sign up while answering questions on Instagram.

Tori Deal attends MTV's "Are You The One?" Season Four Premiere
‘The Challenge’ star, Tori Deal | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Tori Deal explains why she joined OnlyFans

Two-time finalist Tori Deal recently made an account on a content sharing platform, OnlyFans, shortly after the premiere of The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies, her sixth season.

Although users have used it for sharing all types of media, the platform has become more well-known for users posting exclusive content such as pornographic photos and videos fans can access with a monthly subscription.

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A couple of weeks later, Deal answered questions on her Instagram Story, including one that wondered why she made the account. The Challenge star explained she became interested in joining the platform after finding out how much money her male co-stars made from it.

Noting the “stigma” surrounding females who post to the forum, Deal claimed she wanted to create an account last year. After discussing it with her family and gaining approval from her father, the reality star “was like f— it” and signed up.

Other ‘The Challenge’ stars who have OnlyFans accounts

After a dismissal performance as a rookie in Vendettas (2018), Rogan O’Connor returned to win War of the Worlds 2 (2019) and finished as a finalist in Total Madness (2020) but hasn’t competed on the show since then.

During his time on the series, Rogan created an OnlyFans account that he still frequently updates. Another former competitor, Stephen Bear, also shared content on the platform.

However, he reportedly posted a video with another Challenge star and ex-flame Georgia Harrison, she claims without her permission. After speaking with the platform, it removed Bear’s account, and he is currently facing charges for uploading the video.

Fessy Shafaat, Nelson Thomas, and Devin Walker are competing in the current season and have active accounts on the platform. The latter reportedly brings in around $11,000 monthly, according to two-time champ Wes Bergmann. Big Brother and Ex on the Beach star Paulie Calafiore is one of the first Challengers to publicize his OnlyFans content.

Bergmann also revealed how much former finalist Kailah Casillas made, claiming she earned over $25,000 a month from the subscriptions. UK natives Zahida Allen and Melissa Reeves, the latter who frequently exposes messages from people who disapprove of her decision as she’s a new mom, also have an account.

Additionally, Dee Nguyen, who was fired from the franchise, and three-time competitor Britni Thornton are on the platform, with Mattie Breaux claiming to be in the top 0.08% of users.

Deal is recently single

Before appearing on The Challenge: Dirty 30 (2017) as a rookie, Deal began dating another Are You the One? star Derrick Henry.

They both debuted together, but he went home early as she made it to the finals. She found herself falling for returning champion Jordan Wiseley, and they pursued a relationship.

The two moved in together before coming back for War of the Worlds 2 (2019), where they proved themselves as a power couple.

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During the season, Wiseley proposed to Deal before he went on to win his third title. Afterward, the couple traveled, began releasing music together and became the parents of a sphynx cat named Miso.

They competed in Total Madness, and then Deal returned solo for Double Agents. After returning home from filming, the two announced they decided to part ways in Nov. 2020, noting they wanted to work on themselves separately.

The Challenge 37 airs Wednesdays on MTV at 8/7 Central.